6 Things I Want to See in Harley Quinn Season 3

Thankfully, because some good things did happen this year, we got a renewal notice for a third season of Harley Quinn. I love this cartoon. I thought both the first and second seasons were amazing and wonderful and everything I could possibly want from a DC animated adventure. So I’m tickled pink that we’ll be getting a third season.

Get in, bitches, we’re going to season 3!

But what’s the third season going to contain? Harley Quinn is a show with very firm changes to the status quo. Characters are killed, Batman is horribly injured, romance is real; one of the main things I want is for these status quo changes to remain. There are real stakes in Harley Quinn and that is half the fun. But I’m a big comic book fan, and there are still things I hope to see in the third season!

Join me after the jump for my ideas for season 3. And expect FULL SPOILERS for the first two seasons. Harley Quinn is available to stream on HBO Max and I highly, highly recommend it!

6. Harley and Ivy, obviously

Now kiss. Oh right, you did.

Alright, so this one is a given, and has pretty much already been promised by the showrunners. I am a big fan of the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romance because it’s probably the most prominent LGBTQ+ relationship in all of comics, plus the two characters work so well together. And I very much enjoyed the slow burn over the first two seasons, how the showrunners decided they needed to earn this relationship instead of jumping right into it from the get go. Makes perfect sense to me. And now that they’re a couple, I want to see the show bask in that relationship — which is something we have been promised. There won’t be any contrived reasons to break them up. There won’t be any drama over whether or not they’ll stay together. I want to see the two of them as a couple, being a couple, enjoying coupledom, and dealing with life as a couple. This show isn’t built on will they/won’t they suspense, so now that we know they will, I hope we get to see it actually happen.

5. No Psycho redemption

Darkseid should just eat him

One of the big changes by the end of season 2 was that supporting character Dr. Psycho switched from Harley’s crew into the big bad. It was a great move. Psycho made for a great villain, it made sense for the character and it marked a real change to the status quo. Not many shows are willing to alter their main cast like that — so I hope it remains. I don’t want to see Psycho immediately rehabilitated and brought back to the crew just to replicate the previous status quo. It was a big change and was a big deal and I absolutely do not want to see Harley Quinn back track on this character.

4. Season 4 renewal

I don’t know why I picked a sad screenshot for this, it just looks good

It took way too long to get that season 3 renewal, so let’s get a fourth season renewal right away. Granted, the delay probably had a lot to do with dropping the DC Universe streaming serving and switching Harley Quinn and other shows over to HBO Max. Now that everything is settled there is no reason to beat around the bush: six seasons and a (another, different) movie!

3. Joker stays with Bethany

Read the room, Batman

I really enjoyed what Harley Quinn did with the Joker. I especially enjoyed how season 2 ended with the Joker returning to the love of his life: suburban mom Bethany. It was a funny bit! And totally unexpected for the Joker. He didn’t just kill her or something dumb and predictable. He actually fell for her and realized that love was important to him. So if they do bring the Joker back, he better still be with Bethany for the long haul. That’s love, baby.

2. Gang of Harleys

Look at the lot of them!

A really neat addition to the Harley Quinn mythos in recent years was the Gang of Harleys. Basically, Harley decided to franchise and hired a bunch of other crazy and cool people and put together a team. There was Harlem Harley, Harley Queens, Harvey Quinn, Bolly Quinn, Carli Quinn and Hanuquinn, and they all took the Harley Quinn look and picked colors other than red. They…didn’t do much in the comics, other than be silly. And they had their own mini-series. Still, a bunch of knock-off Harleys in different colors sounds perfect for the cartoon! It’d be so colorful and wacky!

1. Nightwing

He’s just so pretty

More than anything else, Harley Quinn needs Nightwing. Batman and Robin are a joke that Harley doesn’t take seriously. But I have a feeling Nightwing would be someone special. Adult, charming, capable, handsome and with as much a history in Gotham as Harley, Nightwing would be a great addition to add a new wrinkle! He could be a crimefighter that Harley actually takes seriously, which is something the show hasn’t done yet. Plus, Nightwing is just a nice guy overall, and how many genuine nice guys have appeared in Harley Quinn?

Plus, the writers could have a ton of fun with that butt!



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