So The Mimic is Probably Going to Die Soon

This is my life as a fan of obscure comic book characters. Marvel killed one of my all-time favorite comic book characters earlier this year — Phil Urich — shortly after announcing a Multiple Man comic book, resurrecting another of my all-time favorite comic book characters. This past week or so, there were hints that the one, true Jamie Madrox was coming back from the dead for real…so of course that has to be met with Mimic showing up in the X-Men Extermination mini-series.

This is a preview for issue #2, which comes out this week.

Mimic Extermination 01

Mimic Extermination 02

Obviously, Calvin Rankin isn’t dead in those pages, he’s just subdued and will likely show up later to serve some purpose.

But c’mon, we all know how this ends. You don’t bring the Mimic out of comic book limbo like this if you’re not going to kill him somehow. That’s how comics work, and more importantly, that’s how my luck works.

(For example, this week also features the final issue of the New Mutants mini-series, where we’ll learn the final fate of Strong Guy. Considering he wasn’t part of that big Uncanny X-Men group shot, it’s not looking too good for him either.)

For those who aren’t paying attention, Extermination is the final story featuring the time-displaced teen X-Men. That guy up there shooting Mimic is a younger version of Cable, who has traveled back in time to kill people. He’s already killed adult Cable (a character who definitely won’t stay dead for long) and Bloodstorm, that alternate reality Storm who is a vampire, and who has randomly been a part of the teen X-Men comics for awhile. I dunno.

Suffice to say, however Extermination uses Mimic, I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that he’s probably going to die by the end.

There’s almost no point in getting excited for when my favorite comic book characters show up anymore…It’s far more likely that they’re going to be killed than it is for them to do something awesome. How messed up is that?!


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  1. He’s definitely losing his wings, at least. But even if he does die, it’s no big deal, it’s not like it’d be the first time. He’ll be back next time some writer needs a random antagonist.

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