New Venom Trailer At Least Show More Venom

There’s a new Venom trailer today, chock-full of so much Venom and symbiote action! Thankfully, this trailer confirms that Venom won’t only be in the final five minutes of the film, as had been rumored. Looks like the big guy is gonna be all over this movie!

I remain cautiously optimistic about Venom. On the one hand, most people have not been happy with SONY’s output. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man movies. So there’s a very good chance I’ll probably enjoy Venom. I’m disappointed that SONY and Marvel couldn’t work together to make Venom part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’ll make my peace with that. There’s always sequels if the Venom movie succeeds.

For some disappointing reason, the villain of the film has been revealed as Riot, possibly the least interesting member of the five Separation Anxiety symbiotes. Out of all of those symbiotes, Riot looks the worst. He’s just a big, muscular, dark guy — exactly like Venom. Why not go with Scream and have a badass yellow female symbiote for the villain of your film? Even Lasher and Phage have unique looks.

There are rumors that Carnage will show up as a tease in the film, but that’s like when they teased Evil Sinestro at the end of the Green Lantern movie. A sequel is not guaranteed for Venom, so why save your best moves for later? I suppose that’s the risk all superbero movies must take. It worked for Batman Begins when they used the Scarecrow and saved Joker for the sequel.

Will it work for Venom? We’ll find out on Oct. 5!


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