6 LEGO Models I Want Them to Make Next

Wish me luck, everybody! Today is the day that the LEGO Voltron set goes on sale online, and I will be doing my best to order that sucker before the website crashes from overload. Fingers and toes are most definitely crossed!

I love me a good LEGO model. They’re fun to put together, a relaxing hobby, and a lot of them celebrate my favorite geeky things — like Voltron, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and more. So I got to thinking, what other big LEGO models do I want to be able to build someday?

Voltron Lego Set 02

Today is the day!

When it comes to building LEGO sets, I prefer vehicles and models over settings and playsets. There’s just something more solid and identifiable about a known vehicle, like the Batmobile, as opposed to something more abstract and open to interpretation, like the Batcave. Plus, it’s not like I’m taking these sets down and playing with them. I just want awesome geeky models to build and display on my bookshelves.

Join me after the jump for six future LEGO models I want to see and build after Voltron!

6. A proper Ninja Turtles Party Wagon/Technodrome

LEGO Model List 01

I owned both the toy van and the Turtle Blimp as a kid

LEGO did make some Ninja Turtles sets a few years ago, to coincide with those live action Michael Bay movies (which I really enjoyed). They made one set that included the movie version of the Turtle Van, but that doesn’t count and you all know it. Then Mega Bloks went and made a bunch of Ninja Turtles sets, including both the Party Wagon van and the Technodrome. But Mega Bloks doesn’t count and you all know it. So, somehow, I want the Ninja Turtles license to revert back to LEGO, and I want LEGO to make sets of the Ninja Turtles vehicles from my childhood. Surely that can’t be too much to ask.

5. Fully functional Optimus Prime (or Inferno or Grimlock)

LEGO Model List 02

Not better than Optimus Primal. Fight me. 

Just like with the Ninja Turtles, there were some knock-off LEGO Transformers a couple years ago, called Kre-O. And just like Mega Bloks, Kre-O doesn’t count and you all know it. LEGO is the only brand that matters. And if those genius LEGO engineers can figure out a way to have the Voltron lions assemble into Voltron, then surely they can come up with a way for LEGO Transformers to actually transform. With the Kre-O models, you could build them one way, but then you had to take them apart to build them the other way. That’s fine if you’re a knock-off brand. But LEGO is staffed by geniuses, and I want that full genius put to the test! Optimus Prime would obviously be their go-to model, but me being me, I’d absolutely snatch up Inferno the fire truck, my personal favorite Transformer, or Grimlock, because he’s a T-Rex!

4. Rolling Thunder

LEGO Model List 03

What childhoods are made of

The Rolling Thunder was the crown jewel of the G.I. Joe toys I owned as a child. I had a ton of action figures, and a couple smaller vehicles, but the mighty beast that was The Rolling Thunder was my everything. It was this huge, super-long tank with two giant, retractible missiles in the back. So just make a LEGO model out of that. Get the license to make G.I. Joe LEGOs, and make a LEGO Rolling Thunder. Done and done.

3. Serenity

LEGO Model List 04

Time doesn’t heal all wounds

Everybody loves spaceships. A couple years ago, I spent my Christmas Bonus on the big Millennium Falcon set from The Force Awakens. It’s great! So how about another iconic spaceship that only gets love on the Internet? If ever there was a fan project worth making into a real LEGO set, surely somebody will design Serenity from the TV show Firefly, and give us mini-figs of the crew. It’s a unique shape and look, so I think it would be perfectly fun to own and build. You can’t take this dream from me!

2. Dragonzord

LEGO Model List 05

Dragonzord is best zord

I was a fan of both Voltron and the Power Rangers when I was a kid, and if I had to choose, I definitely would have picked Voltron over the Megazord for which one should get a LEGO set. The Voltron lions are simply cooler than the Zords, and Voltron is simply better put together than the Megazord. What does the pterodactyl even do? Form the chest? C’mon! Anyway, once I have the Voltron set, I don’t particularly need the Megazord. So how about the Dragonzord instead? The Green Power Ranger was the best Power Ranger, obviously, so make the Dragonzord!

1. Protoss Carrier

LEGO Model List 06

Something something Vespene gas

I was a big fan of the original Warcraft and Starcraft games back in the day, the real-time strategy games. Warcraft could make for some good LEGO sets, though they didn’t really have many big vehicles. Starcraft, however, is chock-full of vehicle possibilities! I think my No. 1 choice would be the Protoss Carrier, the big, massive Protoss ship that would launch about a dozen mini-drones. One of my favorite things to do would be to create a fleet of 12 Carriers, fully load them with mini-drones, and then simply park these guys over the top of the target zone. I didn’t have to direct the fight at all. The mini-drones would wipe my enemies off the map! This big, brilliant, gorgeous work-of-art of a spaceship would be glorious to build and display.

And would kick off an entire line of Starcraft LEGO sets if we’re really lucky!


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