Geoff Johns Finally Introduces DC’s New Rebirth

Making things nice and easy for me, Geoff Johns made a little video for Comic Book Resources about the new Rebirth at DC Comics. It’s not a reboot.

Johns also sat down for a big, explanatory interview with CBR. You can read it here!

So basically, to sum a lot of it up, there’s going to be a big one-shot coming out in May to kick this whole thing off. Then all the comics are going to get a new #1 issue, except for Detective Comics and Action Comics, which will be going back to their original numbering. That means we’ll soon get to #1,000s! That’s pretty darn cool.

In fact, CBR also has the full list of comics coming out of DC in Rebirth!

Among the news, it looks like Dick Grayson will go back to being Nightwing, which is cool (unless someone else is going to be Nightwing). There will be more Titans, which is cool. They’re going to try again with Blue Beetle, which is fun, but sadly, no sign of Batwoman yet. She’s always been a favorite.

I’m fine with whatever DC has planned, as long as they keep putting out enjoyable comics. I long ago gave up on caring about continuity or legacy or whatever. As long as you’re producing good comics with characters I like, I’ll keep reading.

My only complaint is that I think the Batgirl creative team is changing. That’s borderline unacceptable.



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  1. I’ve been seeing criticism of Johns’ comment that it’s meant for long-term readers. Saying casual readers “won’t be too lost,” and that it’s “definitely for comic book readers more than it is for casual readers.” Because there’s a winning strategy and marketing. “Hey, new readers, you can read if you want, but we don’t actually give a damn about you.”

    We’ll have to wait and see if that extends to art designed to turn away female readers, and focusing on the Straight White Male characters to the exclusion of characters that aren’t that. Because that strategy was so successful with the New 52 in the first place.

    I foresee lots of mocking towards DC.

    • Well the New 52 was all about trying to attract new readers, and we see how well that went. So now they’re gonna try to get back the old readers, who are probably the ones buying so many Marvel comics.

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