The Top 6 Water-Themed Comic Book Characters

Someday, this harsh, freezing winter will end, and the glorious days of summer will once again be upon us. That means fun in the sun, and it definitely means swimming! Water is the great equalizer. Everybody loves a good soak. Especially superheroes!

King of the Seven Seas, baby!

Carrying on my ongoing tradition of ice and fire-themed superheroes, I scoured the comic book bins and Internet sites for a list of the best and wettest water-themed comic book characters! They have the power to bend H2O to their will! And I’m getting closer and closer to making a List of Six Captain Planet!

Join me after the jump to take the splash!

6. Washout

What’s in a name?

The one and only mutant on this list is about as obscure as they come at Marvel. Washout wasn’t a member of the X-Men, he wasn’t even on X-Factor. Washout was a member of the short-lived Weapon X fad in the early 2000s. He had the mutant power to both turn his body into water and control water, but it was also dehydrating him at an alarming rate. Weapon X were the bad guys, and Washout tried to fight against them, but he ended up drying himself to death.

Also, fun fact, Washout first debuted in a short and dirty cameo in the media-savvy X-Statix comic. Someone at Marvel saw something they liked in his brief cameo, and he was shunted over to Weapon X. I love comics.

5. Riptide

She sure looks blue

Back when female superheroes were only allowed if they dressed as scantily clad as possible, Riptide was one of the founding members of Youngblood at Image Comics. Leanna Creel got her water powers in an undersea accident and joined the team to make money, because Youngblood was all about celebrity before the age of reality TV. Riptide was then kicked off the team when she posed nude for Pussycat Magazine, because again, those were dark days for female superheroes. Riptide was eventually welcomed back to Youngblood, but was eventually killed in a fight over a book.

So that’s two dead water-heroes already…

4. Red Torpedo

I hope robot technology in the real world evolves to the point where we can give all female robots big breasts

When I get around to doing a list of wind-based superheroes, I’m definitely going to include Red Tornado, a longtime member of the Justice League, who also happens to be an android. Not sure why a bright red android should control the wind, but he does. And when Red Tornado got his own solo series in 2009, DC decided that the big twist would be three other element-based robots: Red Volcano, Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Torpedo is the one who controls water, created by android-maker T.O. Morrow and used in the European Union, but Torpedo turned against that villain to try and do good — only for Morrow to bury her at the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, her ‘brother’ Red Tornado eventually tracked her down and saved her. And then she was never heard from again.

3. Hydro-Man

Hopefully that costume comes with pants

They don’t get much dorkier than Hydro-Man. A low-rent, never-was of a super-villain, Hydro-Man is one of those guys who always seems to want to get revenge against Spider-Man. Morris “Morrie” Bench got his powers after being knocked overboard on a freighter and getting blasted with experimental radiation, like all good super-folk do. He blamed Spider-Man and waged his one-idiot war on the Web-slinger, never amounting to much more than a wet blanket. Hydro-Man joined every team from the Frightful Four to the Sinister Syndicate, but the only thing of note he ever did was combine with Sandman to form a giant, muddy monster. He also had a major role in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, for reasons that will never be understood.

2. Fathom

You can see why her indie comic was popular

Fathom is one of the most popular and well-known independent comics of all time, created by Michael Turner in the late 90s. Sadly, Turner later succumbed to cancer, but Fathom continues to this day. Fathom stars Aspen Matthews, a young woman who always loved the water, so much so that she became an Olympic level swimmer and a marine biologist. Later, she found out she was a member of an ancient undersea race, and had the ability to control the very ocean! Aspen and her beach bod would go on to be embroiled in some epic, undersea warfare, putting the likes of Aquaman to shame.

1. Mera

Seen here destroying a convenience store

Speaking of Aquaman, he can’t control water…but his wife can! Mera is a former princess of Xebel, the Atlantis offshoot that’s hidden in the Bermuda Triangle, because life under the sea is a little more complicated than we surface-worlders might expect. Mera was sent from Xebel to kill the King of Atlantis, but instead fell in love with him, like the fairy tales of old. Now she and Aquaman are a team, fighting underwater bad guys and being all around awesome. He can talk to fish, while she can control tidal waves. Those are the building blocks of a solid marriage.


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