Spider-Man is Going International This Fall!

With all the big talk of Marvel’s new Fall relaunch, we’ve finally got the details on what’s going to happen to our Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Man! Not only is Dan Slott staying on as writer, but he’s going to put a larger focus on Parker Industries! I loved that storyline, and was worried that Slott would do away with all those neat ideas.

Nope! Peter Parker is growing up, becoming a responsible scientist, and he’s even taking his company across the globe! The new Amazing Spider-Man will feature Peter globe-trotting from New York to Shanghai to San Francisco to London! And he’s getting a new, more high tech costume!

This all sounds pretty neat to me! I loved the Parker Industries storyline, and I like Slott on the title, so I’m excited to see where he goes from here. Slott gave an interview to Mtv (because they do stuff like this, I guess), so if you’re curious, you can read more there.

Among the things he talks about is that Miles Morales will fill the role of the traditional Spider-Man, of the high school kid balancing life and superheroics in New York City, while Peter Parker does this new thing. I like the sound of that.

And the Spider-Mobile is coming back!

We’ve all seen worse

Looks neat. I definitely think I’m down for this whole Spider-Man plan. Looks to be some solid comics!



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  1. That’s definitely good news! I was worried Miles will have to compete with Peter or get treated as his sidekick in NYC, so I’m glad to hear he’ll have his own space. And it’s also exciting to see Peter moving in a new direction, doing grown up things like the grown up he totally is.

    At least we’ll have new Spider-Man stories in ONE media. since the reboot (again) is apparently going to be high school Spidey (Again) with his backstory and uncle Ben (again).

    • I’m going to get my hopes up for the new Spidey movies. Marvel will have a hand in them, so I’m sure they’ll be good. And Marvel has said they’re not going to do an origin story again, so at least we’ll be spared that!

  2. That’s definitely good news! I was worried Miles will have to compete with Peter or get treated as his sidekick in NYC, so I’m glad to hear he’ll have his own space. And it’s also exciting to see Peter moving in a new direction, doing grown up things like the grown up he totally is.

  3. This just makes me sad. First of all: Leave, Slott. Just leave Spider-Man. It’s time Dan Slott stepped down, and let another writer take over the book.

    But as far as the actual direction goes, so meh. They’re turning Peter into Tony Stark. That’s lame. Also, does Slott not understand the point of the Spider-Mobile? Does he not understood why it’s popular? It’s not because it’s cool. It’s because it’s hilariously stupid in every conceivable manner. So now Slott is actually trying to make it cool? Come on.

    • I like Slott on Spider-Man, but he has been there for a long time. Has Bendis ever written Amazing Spider-Man? I’d be interested in seeing what he might do with both the main title and the Miles Morales spin-off running simultaneously.

      • I’d be inclined to give Amazing Spider-Man to someone unexpected, myself. Kathryn Immonen, or Jen Van Meter, or Felipe Smith. ASM’s always going to have a certain number of sales, no matter who writes it, so why not just give it to someone no one could have guessed would get it? Give some promising writer a massive career boost.

  4. That Spider-mobile looks familiar to me, but i’m not sure why. Maybe there was some iteration of the Bat-mobile in a game or something that looked like it. Anyway, i was reading Marvel forums about that current Spiderman storyline, don’t remember what it’s called, renewed wedding vows or somesuch, and he’s married to MJ with a daughter. Man, everyone in those forums were loving it and hoping that was the direction Spiderman comics were going to take from now on. No more Brand New Day, no more Parker Industries. I shuddered at that thought because i still feel MJ/Peter has been done to death, even if a kid brings a new dynamic. Spider-dad is not stories i want to read. I’m glad Parker Industries is hanging around, and i’m glad it’s getting global. Why should Tony Stark have all the money? Why should Spider-Man spend all his days trying to scrounge up pizza money? I want to see him doing well. Well, well-ER i guess, since he’s had a bit of cash since he worked at Horizon Labs. And being no longer based in New York sounds interesting to me. I wonder if he’s going to be able to juggle a love life, globe trotting like that. Maybe he’ll dig up Silver Sable from the bottom of the sea or wherever she is and team up with her for some globe trotting adventures for a while.

    • Yeah, Renew Your Voes is an alternate reality Secret Wars tie-in. I wouldn’t mind seeing that status quo, but I’m with you: change is great! I absolutely trust Slott to keep the spirit of Spider-Man alive in the comics, and if he has some neat ideas to expand on that, to play with it a bit, I’m all for it. Parker Industries is a fun and exciting idea, far moreso than if Peter was stuck still trying to make ends meet by selling photos to the Daily Bugle. This is an organic, interesting new storyline and I want to see where it goes!

      • I found out yesterday that Spider-Woman is going to be knocked up in her comic, and fighting crime while pregnant or something. Maybe she gives birth right away. Anyway, i was thinking how funny that would be if jet-set Parker was the mysterious baby daddy, but he didn’t have a clue about it cause he’s so busy being elsewhere.

      • I’d be cool with that! Otherwise, I have no idea who the father would be based on her current comic. Ben Urich, maybe? The Porcupine?

      • I thought Spider-woman was dating Hawkeye for a while there. But i don’t know what happened with that. But a spider-baby would for sure be cool, somehow combining the powers/abilities of both spider parents.

      • Hawkeye totally cheated on her in the pages of his solo comic. It was sad. He’s a lout!

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