Here’s What the New Ghostbusters Will Look Like

Production is already underway on the new Ghostbusters remake, and director Paul Feig has tweeted the first pics of the new Ghostbuster uniforms and proton packs. Neither one is going to be nearly as iconic as the originals, but hey, at least they’re trying.

Personally, I’m fairly confident that nothing in this movie is going to be nearly as iconic or as amazing as the original. When do remakes ever work? But hey, whatever, I’m not in charge of Hollywood. This is the all-female remake starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

It’s also starring Chris Hemsworth as the new receptionist, and there’s something kind of funny I’d like to point out to you all about that. In researching this little post, I scoped out the film’s IMDB page and found something rather perplexing. This is film is making waves for being an all-women remake, and Chris Hemsworth is only playing the receptionist, not a Ghostbuster. Yet Hemsworth is listed first among the actors. I realize he’s Chris Hemsworth…but should he really be listed as the star of this movie? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point? Just sayin’…



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  1. I wonder if they’re bringing Annie Potts into this movie.

    You know, I always thought that a reboot was unnecessary. They could have easily made it another Ghostbusters movie. Have Annie Potts as the Widow Spengler be the mentor of the team, and that would also be an affectionate nod to Harold Ramis.

    As for Hemsworth, I feel that they’re going to play up the romance angle with him and give him more of a featuring role than poor Jeanine Melnitz got when she had that thing going for Egon.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Chris, but damnit I was one of the weird kids who saw the movies and always wanted more Jeanine.

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