6 Reasons Why You Should Back Gamer Girl & Vixen

Gamer Girl & Vixen is going to print! My Kickstarter hit its goal late last week, and we’re going to publish the first two issues of my own comic book series! I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to finally start living my dream of writing comics. And Gamer Girl & Vixen is only the beginning. I’ve got a lot of big ideas!

But today, we’re right in the middle of the final week of our campaign, and I want to convince you Henchies why it’s a good idea to pre-order your copies of Gamer Girl & Vixen!

This Gamer Girl & Vixen, right here!

The comic is getting great reviews, we’re going to print a ton of extra issues, and our prices are so low you’d think we were going out of business! I’m not looking to get rich or rob anybody blind. I just want to write comics, and I would be beyond thrilled if my blog readers got to read my comic!

So join me after the jump for six reasons why you should pre-order Gamer Girl & Vixen! And my eternal thanks to those of you who already have!


6. It’s an awesome comic

Gamer Girl & Vixen is the story of Liz Jaczynski and Bianca Crowley, two costumed criminals who team up and fall in love while planning a major crime spree. It explores themes of coming out in today’s society, as well as finding that special someone who sweeps you off your feet. It’s a supervillain lesbian love story, with bright, colorful art, a lot of wit, and plenty of romance and flirting. It’s a fun comic mixing superheroics and romance, and I’m very proud of it — but then I’m probably very biased.

Gamer Girl & Vixen is co-written by myself and Kristi McDowell, with art by Gemma Moody, and lettering by Taylor Esposito.

Longtime readers know I’m a huge fan of comics like the new Batgirl, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and other comics about interesting, entertaining female protagonists. With Gamer Girl & Vixen, I’m writing what I know, what I love and what I’d like to see on the comic book shelves.

We’ve also got a few great reviews so far from Word of the Nerd, Big Comic Page and Nerds Unchained!

5. It’s definitely getting made

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing campaign. If we had failed to reach our goal by the deadline, we wouldn’t get any money. Even if we came within $1 of our goal, all would be lost and nobody would get anything. But, hooray for us, that’s not going to happen. We hit our goal with a whole week to spare, which means we raised the money we need and we’re definitely going to make Gamer Girl & Vixen #1 and #2. Our campaign is going to help us print the first two issues. There’s no risk of disappointment if you want to pre-order this week, no chance that nothing is going to happen.

Pre-order now and you will definitely get your comics by the Fall!

4. Free bonus comics!

A Kickstarter campaign doesn’t end when you hit your goal. The project keeps going and keeps raising money until the deadline. At this point, a good creator is going to offer stretch goals to their backers to keep driving in pledges. Some people offer bonus merchandise, or maybe they switch their book to hard cover. For Gamer Girl & Vixen, we’re offering even more comics at no extra cost!

Like I said above, the main goal was to raise enough money to produce and print the first two issues of Gamer Girl & Vixen. But my creative team and I have a whole six-issue story arc planned. So if we can raise the extra money to pay our art team, we’re going to produce as many of those six issues as possible and give them away to every backer for free! Right now, we’re trying to raise enough money to make issue #3, and every new backer this week brings us closer to that goal. So if you pledge to my Kickstarter now, there’s a very good chance you’ll be getting at least three issues for the price of two!

3. Comics need more diversity


I am a major proponent of the diversity movement in comics. Different minorities, sexualities and genders should all be better represented in comics, whether we’re bringing old characters to the forefront or creating brand new ones. That is the major driving theme of Gamer Girl & Vixen. It’s not a preachy comic. There isn’t a soapbox in sight. Our goal was to write a normal, ordinary, entertaining comic that just so happens to star two queer women. And I think we succeeded. It’s through indie comics like ours that this kind of diversity can flourish. We may be small beans right now, but change has to come from somewhere.

2. Help make my dream come true

I want to be a professional writer, have since middle school. I used to write fan fiction on my family’s laptop while we all sat around watching TV, and I was in love with those stories (some of which are available online!). I wrote a short story for my senior project in high school, one that was probably a little too overstuffed with continuity for its own good, but I loved it all the same. I cursed the heavens when I didn’t get into the creative writing class my sophomore year of college. I wrote my own newspaper comic strip for my college paper for 3 1/2 years! And I got into newspaper journalism because I wanted a career where I could still write. I spent more than 10 years in online role-playing clubs to hone my craft (and have fun), and I’ve got more ideas for stories than I know what to do with.

Man, wait until you guys hear my awesome Bebop & Rocksteady origin story!

Actually, I know exactly what to do with them: make comics. Working on Gamer Girl & Vixen over the past year has opened my eyes to how easy and how much fun it is to make comics and actually produce my own writing. Nothing is going to hold me back anymore. After the first two issues of Gamer Girl & Vixen hit, my creative team and I will be making more. And I’m submitting a few pitches to the open submission at Oni Press. And if those don’t work out, maybe I’ll make those comics on my own and post them here on this blog. I’m going to make more comics, I’m going to tell my stories, and it’s going to be a blast.

1. Why not?

You never know, it could be fun. It’s super easy too, just like ordering something online. If you’re anything like me, you’re already spending a lot of money on comics each month anyway. Here’s a chance to try something new and off-the-beaten-path.

And someday you’ll be able to say you knew me before I was famous!

*Fingers crossed*



About Sean Ian Mills

Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. Well, Sean, I’m now officially a backer of “Gamer Girl & Vixen.” I’ve put off buying “Thanos: The Infinity Relativity” for a few weeks to back with $25 instead.

    Seeing as Thanos is probably my favorite Marvel character and Jim Starlin is one of my favorite comic writers, that should tell you how much I believe in your comic and want it to succeed. So, best of luck, brother.

    One question, though: When/how do we go about giving you shipping details? Will you guys be sending out e-mails to collect that information later?

    • Thank you so much, Glenn! I’m no Jim Starlin, but I’m confident you’ll like my comic. And yep, Kickstarter has a whole survey system in place for after it’s over. We’ll send it out, ask a couple of questions, and get all the relevant info! And seriously, thank you. The support of you Henchies means so much. Makes me think I’ve been doing something right all this time.

      • Oh, totally. I love your blog, and I love your enthusiasm for this project. I also believe it sounds like something myself and many others would enjoy.

        And like you say above, why not support something new and diverse?

        So, while you are most welcome, I would like to extend a thank you to you as well.

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