Benedict Cumberbatch is an Ideal Doctor Strange!

Word is spreading like wildfire today that British thespian Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Doctor Strange for the upcoming movie! I couldn’t be happier! Seriously, I think he’s the perfect choice for the Sorcerer Supreme, on multiple levels!

Though I’m not sure about a Cumber-beard

Deadline broke the news, and several other agencies are picking it up. They say Cumberbatch is in final negotiations, and I’m fairly certain Deadline has been right about a lot of Marvel’s casting over the months, so this is probably a lock. Woot!

I’m a huge Cumberbatch fan. I first saw him on Sherlock, obviously, which is one of my favorite shows. He’s stellar as the title character, even in these later seasons. I liked him on Star Trek Into Darkness, one of my top two favorite movies last year. And he’s great as the dragon Smaug in the Hobbit films. I haven’t seen any of his smaller, personal work, but who needs to? Cumberbatch has presence, and that’s important!

First of all, he really seems like he’d fit the character. He’s aristocratic, with very noble mannerisms. He’s also more than a little odd. That seems like a solid Doctor Strange to me.

He’s drinking tea, that’s totally British!

Second of all, people love Cumberbatch! He’s huge with female audiences, which sounds perfect for a Marvel film! He’s got a built-in fanbase who probably already enjoy the Marvel movies, so this team-up sounds like a no-brainer.

So consider me totally on board with this casting! What do you guys and gals think? And check out my list of the 6 things I want to see in the Dr. Strange film!



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  1. Wait!? I was unaware of this! This is pretty awesome. I have been really unable to decide on which actor out of the ones in talks would be best, but this is pretty awesome. After whatching Sherlock I’m becoming a pretty big fan of this guy so this is awesome! (Though on a side note, I thought he would make a pretty great brainiac, who is the rumoured Justice League villain)

    • Brainiac, huh? That’s an interesting idea…

      • Yeah, I mean there are a lot of other actors who would be better. But I think he could do it, and I can see him in that role more than doctor strange (just based on looks). Of course he would be heavily make-uped. If I had to put Benedict in a comic book role, that’s the first one that comes to mine. Although I’m sure there is an obvious choice I’m forgetting

  2. Meh. They chose one pretty white guy over a few other pretty white guys. Yippee. I would’ve liked to have seen them cast a person of colour in the role. Why not a Latino Dr. Strange? Why does Dr. Strange HAVE to be white?

    So, yeah. Meh. I don’t give a shit about Cumberbatch as Strange. I doubt I’ll bother watching this in the theatre. I’ve watched movies about white guys saving the world, helped by their minority sidekick. I’m tired of that shit. Give me a woman. Give me a black guy. A Latino. A gay person. Give me something a little bit different, dammit.

  3. Great choice for Dr. Strange, sign him up! I’m first saw him in Sherlock and he’s a terrific actor and he was good in 12 years a Slave too.

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