6 Potential Mind-Blowing Fates for Matt in Power Rangers

I was a huge Power Rangers fan back in the day. The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my jam after school! It could also be argued that I’m an even bigger Power Rangers fan now, what with the truly excellent comics coming out of BOOM! Studios: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and its sister series, Go Go Power Rangers. Both comics are getting rebooted later this year, so now is a good time to talk about the elephant in the room.

This is Matthew Cook, or “Matt” to his friends the Power Rangers.

Only the Power Rangers are supposed to get descriptive boxes!

Matt was introduced in the very first issue of Go Go Power Rangers in late 2017. The series was a “Year One” style comic about the early days of the original Mighty Morphin team, and Matt was a big surprise twist. Writer Ryan Parrott revealed that the original team of friends that became the Power Rangers had another friend in the group who got left out. In fact, Matt was Kimberly’s boyfriend, and he introduced her to the group.

How crazy must that have been for Matt? Not only is Angel Grove attacked by monsters, but his friends and girlfriend suddenly start distancing themselves from him, clearly keeping a big secret that they’re apparently not going to share. Matt was involved in one storyline early on where Rita Repulsa kidnapped him and replaced him with an evil clone to torment the Rangers. And he did eventually find out that they were Power Rangers. But since then, Matt has mostly existed as a side character who occasionally chats with Kimberly when they pass in the hallway.

Surely Parrott and BOOM! have something more planned. Parrott will still be writing both in the upcoming relaunch; surely he has something epic and mind-blowing planned for Matt as a character. Why introduce such an interesting wrinkle in the history of the original Power Rangers if you’re not going to iron it out eventually? Surely Parrott has been building to something monumental…right?!

Join me after the jump for six crazy theories of what fate might have in store for Matt, the non-Ranger.

6. The new Green Ranger

You can tell he’s new because his head crest is gold

Let’s start with the most obvious answer: Matt is going to be the new Green Ranger teased in the upcoming comics relaunch. BOOM! is being coy about the identity of the new Green Ranger. My money is on it being Lord Drakkon, the evil Tommy Oliver from an alternate dimension. He just showed up in the comics running from some great evil. It makes perfect sense that, over the course of the next couple of issues, the Rangers will somehow bury the hatchet with Drakkon and he’ll get some kind of Green Ranger power back and he’ll join the team. It’s pretty obvious. Lord Drakkon is a popular, headline-grabbing character for BOOM! and the Power Rangers comics.

But what if that’s a swerve? Solicitations for the upcoming relaunch position Drakkon elsewhere in the story. What if, through some insane series of events, the Rangers reactive the Green Power Coin and finally induct Matt into their ranks?! Parrott has been building on the lore and background of the Green Power Coin since he started. And there’s no reason to just accept that the Green Power Ranger came to an end. He did so in the original show because they ran out of footage. But the comics can do anything they want. For example, they’re bringing back the Green Ranger! And it very well could be Matt, finally getting his due.

5. Omega Pink

Needs more pink

If he doesn’t join the regular Power Rangers, Matt could always go on to join the Omega Rangers! One big retcon/twist that the comics revealed was that Jason, Zack and Trini didn’t actually leave the team to attend a peace conference like it said on the show. They were recruited into a secret, intergalactic team called the Omega Rangers. They were Omega Red, Omega Black and Omega Yellow, and they were joined by an alien they rescued name Kyra, who became Omega Blue. And that was it. Comparing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the Omega Rangers and you’re one down: why was there no Omega Pink Ranger? I had high hopes that a new villain, Garrison Vox, was somehow going to be convinced to switch sides and this big, burly villain was going to become Omega Pink…but that didn’t pan out.

So what if Matt becomes Omega Pink? Why wouldn’t such a power exist? Why would the Omega Rangers only have four members? That doesn’t happen in Power Rangers. And now that Kyra is gone, what about the Omega Blue power? Surely Parrott plans on doing something with that. And I hope that something eventually evolves into also adding Matt to the team as Omega Pink! Then both Matt and Kimberly will be Pink Rangers! How romantic!

4. Kimberly’s husband

Now kiss…those helmets have lips!

Speaking of Matt and Kimberly, perhaps they just eventually settle down and get married? We don’t know what becomes of Kimberly in adulthood. Of the original Power Rangers, only Tommy and Jason have shown up in future seasons on TV. Amy Jo Johnson has never made such a cameo. So what becomes of Kimberly in adulthood? Maybe she and Matt reconnect and settle down and get married!

Now, once upon a time, BOOM! put out a Pink Ranger mini-series that told a story about young adult Kimberly, and that included young adult Zack and Trini. But we don’t know if that is still canon, considering the twists that eventually would come for Zack and Trini. And that series still leaves open the possibility that Kimberly and Matt reconnect in adulthood. So hey, this is as possible as anything else!

3. The new Lord Drakkon

I was never impressed

So if Drakkon becomes a good guy and joins the Power Rangers as the new Green Ranger, that leaves behind all of Drakkon’s whole deal. He was the ruler of an alternate dimension, plus a pretty big bad guy to boot. What if…Matt takes over for him? Matt could break bad, or he could not. Either way, perhaps he assumes the mantle of Lord Drakkon and goes over to that alternate dimension and becomes the new ruler. The Matt of the alternate universe died in one of the early comics of the story, so there’s a spot left for the regular universe Matt to swoop in and take command! Lord Matton!

2. He could literally be anybody

He’s not crazy

We know so little about the real back story and lore of the Power Rangers that Matt could, literally, be the past version of pretty much any of the cosmic characters. Obviously he’s not the past version of any of the human Rangers. But where does Zordon really come from? Where does Lord Zedd really come from? Where does Ninjor really come from? Where does Ernie really come from? Time travel doesn’t get used a lot in Power Rangers (or…at all?), but maybe Matt grows up into some power, goes back in time and becomes Zordon, then he knows to recruit his friends as the Power Rangers. Or maybe he becomes Ninjor. Or maybe he gains some weight and changes his name and opens a juice bar. Or he’s Goldar! I don’t know! Literally anything could be possible.

1. The Titanus Ranger!

Behold his glory!

Oh man. This would blow my mind like nothing ever before. What if Matt is the secret Power Ranger that pilots Titanus?! Because surely there has to be a secret pilot for Titanus, right? Are you seriously telling me we have to believe Zordon’s lie that Titanus was somehow sentient? All of the other dinosaur Zords were machines, but Titanus was sentient? Nonsense! He had a secret pilot that Zordon never told the Rangers about. A mysterious Gray Power Ranger! And that Ranger was Matt! He’s been keeping his own secret from the Power Rangers all this time! This would be the greatest retcon in the history of Power Rangers and perhaps all of fiction!

It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been fan fictioning the idea of a Gray Power Ranger since I was a kid making doodles in my school notebooks…But think about it: maybe this is my destiny?! That I’ve been carrying this torch of an idea about a Titanus Ranger all these years, and have been carrying a similar torch for the past several years of Matt being around…what if it was always destiny that these ideas be intertwined? What if there’s some kind of prophecy out there about me and Matt and Ryan Parrott and BOOM! Studios and comics and it’s about to come true?!

I mean…it sounds pretty plausible to me.


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