Change. Change Never Changes. The Next Marvel NOW!

Guess what! Marvel Comics has a bunch of awesome plans in store for all of their most popular characters! And for a few of their upcoming movie stars! They’re setting up their third Marvel NOW! wave, and personally, I think it all looks pretty neat. Check out this lineup!

The Amazing Avengers? Invincible Avengers? Irredeemable Avengers?

If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got female Thor and the fact that Sam Wilson, the Falcon, is taking over at Captain America. I’m a big fan of that idea. Cap with wings? Bring it on! The Winter Soldier is getting a new series, where he becomes the protector of Earth. Deathlok is getting a reboot to bring him closer to his TV counterpart. And Marvel is still trying desperately to make Inhuman happen. See that flaming guy in the picture there? That’s Inferno, the new Inhuman. He and Medusa are the stars of the comic Inhuman, which has published all of 2 issues so far. If Marvel is really serious about making the Inhumans a force to be reckoned with, they are failing terribly.

Seriously, Inhuman is terrible. Inferno should be ashamed to be in that group picture.

Also in that picture, you can see Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, both of whom have upcoming movies on the Marvel slate. I’m excited for both, and if Marvel can get both heroes their own comics, that would be a blast. Marvel is doing great things with comics these days. I’m dying for a quality Ant-Man comic.

Entertainment Weekly has some of the details.

Iron Man is getting a big change too. See his fancy new white/silver armor? That’s the Superior Iron Man!

Iron Man is suddenly big into testing

Tony Stark will be moving to San Francisco, where he plans to implement some darker, tougher technology upgrades. Tony’s going a little dark. Good for him.

I don’t know about you, but all of this looks great to me. Maybe I’m just really into Marvel these days. I know that’s the truth. They can do little wrong in my book. I have always been a Marvel man, and the various Marvel NOW! campaigns have been comic book gold. So you better believe I’m excited to get my hands on some of these new books.

This is going to be the year of the Ant-Man!


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  1. Lady Thor and Captain African-America aren’t going to last, so I do find it a bit hard to be excited about them. The cynic in me looks at them both as two-arc stories that last until Avengers 2 hits theatres.

    Inhuman’s a disaster. Just a complete failure. So who cares?

    Superior Iron Man sounds a bit dull, to be honest. A darker Iron Man? So, what, he’ll blow up planets? Because he’s been doing that for a while. A “darker, edgier Iron Man” is what’s been going on for years already.

    Deathlok – I’m a little disappointed it’s not Michael Collins being brought back. He was an interesting concept – a murder machine who’s a pacifist and refuses to kill.

    Ant-Man and Strange should be OK.

    Bucky – meh. If this is spinning out from Fury’s reveal in Original Sin, then I find it hard to care, because man, that story is so bad.

    Wanda and Angela, we’ll have to wait and see what’s planned. But Angela needs a new costume. What she has is so painfully ’90s.

    • The changes to the Big Three are definitely temporary, but I’m cool with that. I knew Superior Spider-Man was temporary, but I loved the hell out of that comic.

      I’d be willing to maybe support a Wanda or Angela book…maybe. If Marvel made it worth my while.

      • There was a rumour Kieron Gillen would write an Angela ongoing. That would be worth my while, at least. Gillen’s my favourite current writer.

        And my cynicism isn’t about the changes being temporary, but that I expect they’ll be so incredibly temporary. I’m figuring each will get a single arc as the hero, then a second arc that ends with the original returning. Superior Spider-Man got over 30 issues and two annuals. I’ll be genuinely surprised if either of these changes last 12 issues.

      • You’re probably right. Avengers 2 is only a few short months away at this point – squee!

  2. i like the silver iron man. it is a nice change from the red and gold. i also like the female thor, though many don’t, even if it wont last.

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