Marvel Has Got a Mega-Load of New Comics Coming!

I’ve only mentioned All-New X-Factor and New Warriors so far, because I’m a big X-Factor and Scarlet Spider fan. But at New York Comic-Con, Marvel has announced a whole pile of brand new comics they’ll be putting out in the next couple of months! If I was more on the ball – and not playing the new Pokemon X – I would have already posted about all of them. Instead, I decided to just bunch’em all up on our Monday. Sounds like a fun way to start the week to me. A lot of these sound pretty amazing. And of course they’re coming out just when I told myself I was going to lighten my weekly comic book budget.

Silver Surfer

By Dan Slott and Mike Allred

Dan Slott is apparently a huge Silver Surfer fan, and even though she’s been spear-heading Spider-Man for years, he’s now snatched up the Sentinel of the Spaceways. I can definitely identify with someone falling in love with Silver Surfer as a kid, so this might be the perfect time for me to jump back onto the Surfer bandwagon. Mike Allred will be freed up when FF comes to an end soon (dies a little inside), and I think he might be perfect for the Surfer. Apparently Slott’s plot involves Surfer getting a young, female companion and going on adventures. So basically it’s going to be Silver Surfer by way of Doctor Who, which sounds amazing.

Check out an interview with Slott here.

Iron Patriot

By Ales Kot and Garry Brown

In another example of comics following movies, it seems that War Machine is changing to Iron Patriot for reals. I guess he’s been Iron Patriot for a few months now in the pages of Secret Avengers, but now he’s going to get his own solo series. Marvel has tried to publish a War Machine comic several times in the past, so maybe they’ll have some luck with this new coat of paint. According to some interviews, it’s going to be a heavily political book – I think.

Check out an article about the series here.

All-New Ghost Rider

By Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore


Speaking of characters getting multiple comic attempts, there’s going to be a new Ghost Rider! I’m fairly certain the last new Ghost Rider was around only earlier this year, and it was a woman. But that didn’t sell. This time, Smith is creating a new young man named Robbie Reyes to be Ghost Rider. And apparently instead of a motorcycle, he’s going to have a car. That sounds good to me. I’ve always thought Ghost Rider could be expanded by turning any vehicle into a flaming chariot of awesomeness. Ghost Rider should be riding around on a flaming segway. Not that I think anything is really going to make a new Ghost Rider series work. But good luck to all involved.

Check out the interview here.

Loki: Agent of Asgard

By Al Ewing and Lee Garbett

Who could have guessed how huge Loki would become, huh? I thought he was alright in Thor, and I was shocked Marvel would use him again so soon as the chief villain in The Avengers, but casting Tom Hiddleston as Loki was apparently as big a stroke of genius as casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark! So it’s no wonder Marvel wants to capitalize on that sexiness as much as possible. So goodbye, Kid Loki! Say hello to Sexy Loki! Ewing and Marvel are going to turn the God of Mischief into a gorram secret agent. I actually kind of love this idea. It’s a neat use of Loki, and could have some real mileage behind it if people actually buy the book.

And again, I found an interview about the series here.

Black Widow

By Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto

Speaking of The Avengers, also spinning out of that film is a new solo series for Black Widow. I really want this one to succeed. Marvel needs a strong female presence, and Black Widow is really their only major female character who isn’t a derivative of a male hero and who isn’t better known as a member of a team. So seeing Black Widow succeed would be nice. Edmondson says the series is going to be a hardcore spy comic, which definitely works for the character, but didn’t really work for Winter Soldier post-Brubaker. So who knows how this one will do.

Interview can be found here.


By Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo

Elektra has had a few solo series in the past, and for good reason. She’s a badass ninja assassin, and sexy to boot. She’s as solid an idea for a female protagonist as any. According to the creators, she’s going to be on a mission to take out a league of assassins, while taking some ‘me’ time and not worrying about Daredevil. But I’m pretty sure Elektra hasn’t been linked to Daredevil in years, right?

Did somebody say interview? Check it out here.


By Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads

Where did this Edmondson guy come from? He’s doing Black Widow and Punisher? Sounds like a dream job. But he’s not Garth Ennis, so already he’s at a disadvantage as far as I’m concerned. He’s also not a big name writer like Greg Rucka. So this seems like a basic, straight forward Punisher series written by a new up-and-coming writer. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere. The story will involve Punisher heading to LA to take out some big time criminal, while also dealing with a government group set on taking him down. Could be…something, I suppose.

More information can be found right about here.

Avengers World

By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer and Stefano Caselli

This comic is just an expansion/continuation of Hickman’s Avengers, which I’m lukewarm about. I mostly just wanted to post that stunning picture.

Interview, they have one here!

I’m sure I’m missing one or two comics, but Marvel announced so many! I would have posted some new DC titles, but there weren’t too many notable announcements. I think they’re going to give us a weekly Batman series because DC doesn’t think they put out enough Batman. What do you guys and gals think of these new titles? Anything float your particular boats? I’ll definitely be picking up Silver Surfer, Avengers World and Black Widow, and maybe even Iron Patriot and Loki: Agent of Asgard, depending on my mood on those particular days.

Still, sounds like it was an awesome Comic-Con!

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  1. Reblogged this on Killing Time and commented:
    First and foremost, check out Henchman’s site. One of my favorite comic blogs. I was so dubious on Marvel Now but the overall quality of the books has been stellar. Out of these I’m definitely on for Black Widow and Loki though I’ll miss Kid Loki. I don’t think Elektra can sustain a solo and Ghost Rider has had so many reboots I can’t see it working. I will check the reviews though because I thought All New X-Men was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard and now its one of my favorite books.

  2. Allred on Silver Surfer should be great. The guy’s got such a crazy, fun, imaginative style that the book can’t help but be great. I’m not totally sure I’ll be picking it up, but it’s in my “maybe” list.

    Iron Patriot and Ghost Rider are going to fail. They’re not characters who can sustain solo titles. Ghost Rider was big in the ’90s, but nobody cares any more. And was War Machine ever popular enough to sustain a solo title?

    Loki should be a lot of fun. I’ll probably pick it up. Ewing’s a good writer.

    Black Widow and Elektra both look good. I’m not sure I’ll pick them up, because I don’t really care that much about the characters (and I’m really not looking forward to seeing that stupid frigging “red in the ledger” line in every frigging issue of Black Widow, since everyone seems to have decided to make it the only thing she ever says). I’ll already be getting Captain Marvel and She-Hulk to show my support for female ongoings. I suppose it’ll depend on how good the books are.

    Punisher’s another one who struggles with solo titles these days. I’m very disappointed that they have no plans to use Rachel Cole-Alves. She was such a fantastic character, and it looks like they’re just going to let her disappear. I’m also still angry that he doesn’t have the badass eyepatch any more.

    Avengers World looks meh. I doubt I’ll give a damn about it.

    • I pretty much agree with you around the board. I feel bad for the guys behind Iron Patriot and Ghost Rider, but I still say more power to’em. If they think they can pull it off, then best of luck to them.

      And yes, that ‘red in the ledger’ thing annoys the hell out of me too!

  3. Hey….buy this Miracle Man that everyone is talking about. And then do reviews of it. So say we all!

  4. The only comic I think you missed was the new “Captain Marvel” N°1, it still has Kelly DeConnick (I refuse to write people complete names) as the writter so is probably Marvel just trying to give one of its best series better sales, here is an interview:

    As for the rest:
    – I was never a fan of the silver surfer but if this new series is similar to FF I might try the first couple of issues as a test run.

    -I always believed that there was a lot of potential with War machine and Rhodes, so I’ll be picking this up, while I don’t think he is popular enough to be a long series I think they can do a great job with him while it lasts, although I’m surprised I didn’t know he was in “Secret Avengers”, I picked and liked the first couple of issues but then I just forgot about it, I’ll see how he is handled here and if I like what I see maybe I’ll pick up SA again.

    -While not particularly a fan I always liked the idea of Ghost Rider and I am a big sucker for the paranormal so I’ll definitely pick it up, and as one of the 10 or so people that bought that Ghost Rider that came out of Fear Itself I think one of the main problems (aside from starting as a tie in of a mediocre event) was that it was pretty much “the Johnny Blaze show featuring Alejandra” (that was her name), I think that by having a whole new person start as the Ghost Rider without ties to the older ones, with his own problems and journeys to become his own person is actually for the best, and it will make curious people who picked Issue 1 not needing to be completely familiar with the old ghost Rider stories to understand.

    -While I think Hiddleston did an amazing job in both Thor and The Avengers I never understood the whole Loki fan crazy “thing”, I almost just ignore this series but after reading that interview I found the concept of it interesting enough, so I might give it a couple of issues to see where is going but I have my doubts.

    -With Black Widow, well… I’m just not excited for this new series and I don’t know why, I like her character and a spy series starring her sounds great but I still can’t seem to be happy that we are getting a BW solo series, I really hope for it to be good and to succeed. Edmondson writtes in the spy genre and while I haven’t read anything if his (except for one thing, which I’ll talk about later) I heard from friends a lot of good things about “Who is Jake Ellis?” and “The Activity” so he’ll probably do a good job, I’ll pick up the first issue and maybe then some of this pessimism will go away.

    -I’m actually surprised that I’m looking forward to Elektra more than Black Widow, I think that is because I’m not reading “Secret Avengers” and her participation on the regular Avengers is minimal, while in “Thunderbolts” Elektra is one of the main characters, she participates a lot more and I honestly want to learn more about her, so this series is right up my alley (is that still an expression?), I’ll be picking it up.

    -Here comes the long rant: I think it comes without any surprise that I’ll be picking “The Punisher” faster that anything here, as I said before Edmonson’s work takes a lot after the spy genre, he investigates a lot and is very tactical, so I think he’ll be a good fit for Frank, there is also the fact that he has also written the Punisher before, “Untold tales of Punisher MAX” was a 5-part project where they gave different authors, some who hadn’t worked on comics before, an oportunity to write Frank Castle, now I read the whole “UToP MAX”… anthology? (I’m not sure what to call it), and I can say without a doubt that his one-shot was the best one of the entire group (although that wasn’t very hard, the first 2 apparently went to the Rucka series for inspiration not understanding that focusing an issue on the supporting cast or the villains only work in an ongoing and not in a one shot when we want to see the punisher on his series as soon as possible, but at least they had the punisher in a semi-important role, the 3th one was definitely the worst, as a story it was ok, the problem was that it was the first time the author wrote a comic and she really wanted to, so when they announced this project she accepted and it was obvious that she just took a short story she had lying around (and I can say it was a good one on its own merits) and cramed the punisher in the final page, you could honestly take out Frank and I wouldn’t change anything! The 4th one was his and it was exactly what I wanted from a series called “Untold Tales of Punisher MAX”, a short story with pure old fashioned Punisher in it, the 5th one was ok, it focused on a conversation between Frank and the son of one of his victims, very touching, well written and I liked it).
    Normally I would recomend you to look for his story to see how he handles the character but I think right now you could only get it as a paperback with the others and is not worth buying the entire thing just for two good punisher stories.
    Also I like the whole idea of changing him to a new city, like they did with nightwing, I hope he stays there for a time after taking down whatever brought him there in the first place, it would be nice to see him in a new status quo and fighting different kinds of criminals in a different place for more than 6 issues.

    -I don’t care for it and I won’t pretend to, if AW becomes acclaimed or something I might give it a chance later but otherwise I’m already stuffed and I won’t bother with this one right now.

    And that is my opinion on the comics announced, man I should start my own blog.

    • If you had your own blog, then you wouldn’t come here as much!

      I’m fairly certain the Loki thing is pretty much just hotness. And if he gets more women watching these movies or buying these comics from Hiddleston sexiness alone, that’s good news as far as I’m concerned.

      I didn’t mention the new Captain Marvel because it’s pretty much the same Captain Marvel. I didn’t mention any of the books that are just getting new #1 issues.

      And good to know about the Untold Tales of the Punisher. If you give this guy a stamp of approval, maybe I will have to check out the first issue or so.

  5. Marvel should consider putting out a ‘couple’ comic like DC has just done with Superman/Wonder Woman. Maybe they already have, i’m hardly an expert on all things Marvel, but specifically, they should combine the soon to debut Punisher and Electra comics. Those two were shacking up for a while in the Thunderbolts comic and i liked them together. A couple of bad asses that may or may not have a screw or two loose, and they both like killing people. Awesome.
    As for what’s listed, i might check out Silver Surfer – for some more cosmic action, but none of those other ones interest me. Except for the New Warriors.

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