Scarlet Spider to Return in New Warriors!

Scarlet Spider may be getting cancelled in December, but Marvel has revealed that the character will continue on in a brand new New Warriors series in February! The announcement was made today at New York City Comic-Con. The book will be written by Chris Yost, who wrote Scarlet Spider, with art by Marcus To!

Now that’s a team!

And yes, that’s Aracely! Looks like she’s going to become a real superhero!

The new team is going to focus on Justice, Speedball and the new Nova, and along with Kaine and Aracely, there will be Sun Girl, Haechi and Water Snake. I think those three are brand new characters.

I don’t know much about the new team at this point, other than it sounds like it’ll be some pretty standard superheroics, New Warriors style. In this interview with Newsamara, Yost is promising big action, big superheroics and important stories to the Marvel Universe. I wish him all the best, and I know I’ll be reading, if only for more Scarlet Spider action. Though why Kaine would join a team is beyond me.

There is a ton of news coming out of Marvel this Comic-Con. So far, I’ve only mentioned the series that my blog focuses on, but tomorrow I’ll do a round-up of all the new comics. There are soooo many, and they all look good!

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  1. looking forward to this. the cover is full of energy and really remind of the Perez/ Wolfman Teen Titans.

  2. I was a HUGE Warriors fan back in the day. It was my favorite comic 3 years running. By the time Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider joined however, i no longer cared for the comic much. As much as i like Kaine, i way preferred him hanging out in Houston with his weirdo friends. I mean, the guy is pretty unstable, and it’s weird seeing him join a group which looks like a bunch of kids, except for maybe Justice. Kaine just doesn’t seem to fit. But i’ll give it a shot, i don’t know anything about half those people, so maybe he’ll mesh well with them. And maybe he just joined to keep a protective eye on Aracely or something. And hey! Maybe they’ll all be in Houston. That would be cool.

    • I completely agree. Kaine is a weird choice for a team like this, but Chris Yost is writing, so I’m sure he’s thought of something. And Aracely as a superhero will be absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait for that!

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