All-New X-Factor Revealed!

New York Comic-Con is in full swing today, and announced just this morning was All-New X-Factor by Peter David! We all knew this was coming, but it still feels good to get the first details of the new series – even if it won’t feature Multiple Man, my favorite superhero.

All-New X-Factor #1 will debut in January with Carmine Di Giandomenico on art.

Such fancy suits!

The new premise is that Serval Industries, a search engine company (like Google), has decided to get into the superhero business. So they bought the name ‘X-Factor’ off Jamie Madrox and have put together their own superhero team. The cast will feature Polaris, Quicksilver and, surprisingly, Gambit, along with three other cast members that PAD and Marvel are keeping secret for now.

At least they all get spiffy new uniforms. Though why Quicksilver or Gambit would join some corporate superhero team instead of sticking with the Avengers or X-Men is beyond me. But I’m sure all will be explained once we start reading.

I’m very excited to see what PAD has in store for us and X-Factor.

In the same Comic-Con panel, PAD said the book will focus a lot on the relationship between Polaris and Quicksilver, and the fact that they are half-siblings. PAD also said that Gambit doesn’t trust Quicksilver at all, so that should create some necessary drama. He also gave a more in-depth interview with Comic Book Resources.

When asked about Madrox, PAD apparently said he had “no idea” what’s up with him. X-Men editor Nick Lowe told the fans that there are plans for the character. I can’t wait to see those too! Perhaps he’s read my blog and seen some of my suggestions.

You can read more about the X-Men panel at Newsarama.

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  1. I’m actually glad that Madrox isn’t involved. I like that he’s getting a bit of a happy ending for a while. Same with Layla and Rahne. I’d like to see all three of them go a while before getting used again; they deserve some peace, I think.

    I like the concept, though. It’s a really clever idea. We don’t see corporate heroes very often, and almost never as heroes. This actually kinda reminds me of PAD’s original run, where they were a government-sponsored team.

    You got something you were hoping for. But no new New X-Men for me. I’m very sad.

    • I also like that Madrox, Rahne and Layla will be out of comics for awhile. Though hopefully they’ll get some cameos or guest appearances in this new book somewhere down the line. And I hope PAD doesn’t immediately make the corporation evil.

      What were you hoping for? Some of the New X-Men kids to get a book?

      • Yeah. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love those kids, and none of them are being used. Jason Aaron doesn’t give a shit about them, and it’s not like there are any other books where their presence would be appropriate. Brian Wood at least seems like he’ll be having them make cameos, and he’s made Bling a notable supporting character.

      • I am definitely enjoying what he’s doing with Bling, and perhaps even Mercury too.

    • It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.

  2. Fun Fact: io9 just posted an interview with the guy playing Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. And he references Peter David’s Therapy Issue of X-Factor.

  3. Heh.

    Rogue doesn’t trust Wanda.
    Gambit doesn’t trust Pietro.


  4. The premise of the series is awesome. How come there hasn’t been a google like company getting in on the super hero business.

    Fun Fact: Serval makes a cameo in the All New X-Men Special #1 that features the Superior Spider-Man. It’s one of companies on the screens in Time Square. Makes sense. Both that issue and this cover were drawn by the wonderful Kris Anka.

    I think Madrox will join Wolverine and the X-Men as a teacher, as he must make money somehow. The kick is that it will be a Jamie dupe teaching, leading to some fun shenanigans because that Madrox will have a different personality every story arc or so. A new dupe will basically appear between story arcs, because one of the dupe needs to travel back to the farm to give Jamie the money.

    • That sounds like a fantastic use of Madrox! Somebody get this man on the phone to Marvel, stat!

      • Actually, now that I think about it, you get paid digitally nowadays. I don’t know why the Madrox personality would switch, but it would be really fun. Also, you can kill him for your cannon fodder use. After the dupe’s death, Wolverine will call Jamie for another dupe. The conversation will be really funny, as Jamie says, “I would really appreciate it if you didn’t let me die every week, Logan.”

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