Madrox Update – A Possible Stay of Execution?

Remember last week when Marvel Comics was teasing the possible death of my favorite comic book character, Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man? Well this week the teaser swings back in the other direction, indicating that Madrox may not be dying after all. He may still be around come the new X-Franchise revamp this winter. Clearly Marvel knows a thing or two about marketing. As a comic book geek, I’m on the edge of my seat.

Behold! The X-Factor teaser cover now has 3 distinct hidden characters!

Click to englarge

Could one of those three silhouettes be Multiple Man? Focus on the silhouette on the left. He’d got Madrox’s style of hair, and he’s clearly got some sort of collar, just like Madrox’s signature trench coat. This greatly increases the odds from last week, when Marvel had yet to reveal Strong Guy and that area was just one big blob of black. Back then, in the long long ago, I surmised that maybe there were two characters hidden in Strong Guy’s shadow. Now that there are 3, that gets my hopes up! Behold last week!

See the difference?

As I wrote last time, Marvel is making a big push for the X-Franchise in 2012, everything from Uncanny X-Men to New Mutants to my personal favorite, X-Factor. The teams are going to get new lineups with a bunch of new drama to deal with. Marvel is teasing this big push by releasing the covers for the upcoming issues, only with all the characters blacked out as silhouettes. Then week-by-week, they’re unveiling which characters are hidden in which silhouettes and will be on which team.

I read comics based primarily on the characters. So this teaser strategy is perfect in determining which X-books I’m going to be reading.

Hopefully next week (or the week after) we may find out once and for all if Madrox is making the cut.

That’s the extent of the news, but if you’re interested in comic book stuff, I think I’m going to break this down a little bit more. So we’ve got three characters, one of which has short hair, one of which has a bit longer hair to the ears and one of which has either big hair or is wearing some kind of a hood. I think this means we have two guys and a girl, or a hood.

Let’s break it down:

Who are we missing? Out of the current X-Factor team, the three missing characters are Madrox, Longshot and Darwin (though he’s on sabbatical). They do not yet appear on this cover. Both Madrox and Longshot have similar hair, and could be either one of those two short-haired male characters. Darwin could be wearing a hood. So perhaps nobody dies in November and the team stays exactly the same with the addition of Havok, that blonde guy in the middle with the blue glowy powers.

Remember the 90s? Back in the mid-90s, there was an X-Factor series very similar to the current series. Both were written by Peter David, both were about a mutant team spun-off from the X-Men and both featured the same characters. In fact, Multiple Man and Strong Guy both became popular in the mid-90s X-Factor. Havok was on that team as well, along with Wolfsbane and a few others.

The 90s were X-Treme!

So with Peter David still writing, and Havok joining the team, we’re clearly looking at some kind of 90s reunion sort of series. Comic book fans love references to old stuff, and the 90s X-Factor was incredibly popular. Heck, love for that series is what gave birth to the current X-Factor after all. So Marvel is definitely banking on that. Which means, why kill Multiple Man? Keep him around for the 90s reunion!

Which leads me to believe that the ‘hooded’ figure is actually 90s member Polaris! She’s the chick up there with the green hair. Polaris and Havok have been out having an adventure in space for the past few years. They’re a couple. So it only stands to reason that Polaris would join Havok in X-Factor, as well as add to the 90s reunion.

So I think Polaris is that hooded or big-haired character.

And I’m going to go out on a limb and say Longshot in the character in the middle, with the hair that goes down to his ears.

Or we might just have some random new character add some new blood to the team!

They could all be Madrox! Remember, Multiple Man’s super-power is that he can make duplicates of himself. Walking, talking, thinking duplicates of himself. And the catalyst for Peter David’s recent revival of Multiple Man was that he sent a bunch of duplicates out into the world to learn different things. Then when the main Madrox reabsorbs them, he gains all that knowledge. Perhaps the main Madrox will still die…but then a bunch of duplicates from around the world will return and join the team. That would account for the different hairstyles and the possible hood.

We shall see! I’ll stay on this story all month if I have to!

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  1. I agree I think one of them is Polaris also.

    Also PAD posted this on his web site

    “Well, there goes the shock ending of X-Factor #230: the reveal of the return of Havok. The cover image was shown and it’s being discussed all over the net.

    Ah well. Maybe it’ll get more people ordering the book ahead of time instead of them complaining that they can’t find it in the stores. Besides which, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to #230…not to mention #227, the ending of which I confidently predict will receive the WTF!? Award of 2011. What’s that? You say there isn’t a WTF!? award? Well, they’re just gonnna have to go invent one.


    Yah there is Madrox, Longshot and Darwin left but I hate to see any of them died so I am going to say hey maybe it will be Pip the Troll…

  2. I would be totally cool with Pip the Troll dying. I was wondering why PAD kept him around on the team. Probably just always wanted to write Pip the Troll in an ongoing.

    Thanks JAX of HEART for posting that comment from PAD! I had a link to his website once upon a time, but I haven’t checked it since all this Madrox teaser stuff started. Poor guy. He was probably so excited about the Havok reveal.

    Now if only he’d come forward and just tell us if Madrox will survive or not…

  3. Madrox is Alive ….

    Thought thought I share since your the only other Madrox Fan I Know …

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