Is Madrox on the Chopping Block?

Update: New teaser reveals gives us new hope! Click here.

This just in, Marvel Comics may kill my favorite comic book character of all time! Anyone who remembers my list of My 6 Favorite Comic Book Characters will remember that Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, is my absolute favorite. But new teaser images released from his comic, X-Factor, are hinting at the death of Multiple Man sometime this Fall.

Can I not have nice things?

My favorite hero

Starting in October/November or so, the entire X-Men line of comics is undergoing a Regenesis. After the Schism, Cyclops and Wolverine will be splitting the X-Men down the middle. Half will stay with Cyclops in California, while half will return to New York with Wolverine. Likewise, Marvel is splitting their X-Men comics down the middle. Four titles will be on Cyclops’ side and four will be on Wolverine’s side. We’ve known for a few weeks now that X-Factor will be on Wolverine’s side. Their new Regenesis comic is scheduled to come out in January.

So why do I think Multiple Man is a dead man? Two reasons. First, here is the new teaser image released today:

Where is Multiple Man hiding?

Mutiple Man is nowhere in sight! Several characters are still in silhouette, including an obvious Strong Guy and Banshee, but many more have been revealed. Amongst them is the return of Havok, the blonde guy front and center. Havok is not a regular member of X-Factor, so his joining the team is one of the new changes as part of Regenesis. But Havok is in the leader’s spot, and Multiple Man is supposed to be the leader of the team. So there we have one very big clue.

Second, the solicitations for the November issue of X-Factor claim that one member of the team will die!

In this issue, a member of X-Factor dies.


So someone will die in November, and Multiple Man is nowhere to be seen on the January cover. In fact, Havok has seemingly taken over Madrox’s role as leader of the team. So I think the clues are pretty strong towards Multiple Man dying. Another character on the team, Longshot, is also so far missing from the cover. And somebody’s probably standing in front of Strong Guy. So there’s still hope. But it’s not looking good.

And this sucks.

I mean, what the hell? I know it’s silly to get upset over the ‘death’ of a fictional character. But level with me here. Multiple Man is my favorite comic book character. I love reading about his adventures. I read comics for the characters. The writer of X-Factor, Peter David, plucked Madrox from obscurity a few years ago and has been writing him as a fascinating and complex protagonist for a long time now. Madrox is a star! Sure there are probably plenty of in-story reasons to kill him, but c’mon. Can’t I have my favorite character still alive? Still around to read about on a monthly basis?

Comics will just be a bit more depressing if Multiple Man is dead.

But I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. He ‘died’ once before, back in X-Factor #100. Then a few issues later he came back and just said, “Nope, I didn’t die, it was only a duplicate!” So that could always happen again. I’ll keep my hopes up that he’ll stay alive, or that PAD has some deeper plans for Madrox than just killing him off in order to write Havok instead.

On a semi-related note, they also revealed the Regenesis cover for Wolverine and the X-Men. My brother and I have agreed to split, he’ll get the Cyclops led Uncanny X-Men while I get the Wolverine book. And now I’m definitely happy with that choice because look who they’ve revealed to be on Wolverine’s team.

Toad is in the bottom left corner

Iceman and Toad! Two of my favorite X-characters! And Toad is supposed to be a bad guy, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! I’ve been a fan of Toad since the X-Men movies, and he’s been simmering in the background, waiting for years now to do something awesome. This could be it! I can’t wait to see Toad take center stage!

If only it wasn’t at the cost of Multiple Man…

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  1. Oh yeah, he definately looks like he’s gonna die. I haven’t read X-Factor in a while, (as you know) but I always got the feeling that Peter David was really jonesing to kill Multiple Man. The book has such a depressing vibe sometimes. It is like Peter David wants to kill Madrox as a way for a comic book to commit suicide.

    Think about it: X-Factor is a gloomy book. Layla worked with Dr. Doom. Darwin god “Goddess of Death” powers and took off. Banshee had Madrox’s baby and lost it. Guido likes Monet who is way out of his league. And Wolfsbane spent a year on X-Force, the team that brutally murders EVERYBODY, only to come home jaded and all freaked out and full of Wolf-God baby. Oh and Richter has plenty of issues. And at the lead of this group is poor old Madrox. He’s a leader, but sucks at it. He sucked at being a super hero. And he kinda sucks at being a private detective. (a lot of their cases “go wrong”.)

    The whole book is just some sad emo kid suffering from chronic depression. In november, he finally slits his wrists while listening to whiny sad-people music.

    But if it makes you feel better, we can go find Peter David at NY Comic-Con and harrass him.

  2. Hi. Just dropped by to say I never thought I’d see another Multiple Man fan. 🙂

  3. Stick around George S. If Madrox is dying, I’ll definitely be chronicling his demise and eulogizing him here on my blog!

    And Cippy, if you think all of that is emo, wait until you catch up on the latest happenings. You may weep or angrily tear the comics apart when you see what happens to Strong Guy! Though him still being around in January is a neat sign.

  4. I am with you … My Hope are high that Madrox will make it pass issues 227 … But as of today we know there are 3 more people yet to be shown standing in front of strong guy. Fingers Crossed.

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