The Problem with Exes

When I met you ten years ago, I was in love.  You were sweet, sexy, clever, fun and you were always willing to do what I wanted to do.  I looked past the long, awkward pauses that we had between loading screens, and just enjoyed what we had.
Then we drifted apart, you and I.  It wasn’t you, Deus Ex–It was me.  I always loved you, but I experienced all you had to give and I wanted more.  Flashier, prettier games were out there, and I was young.  Foolish.
You were always so good to me, but I left you for younger, fresher games.

Then, this month, you strolled back into my life.  You were sleeker and sexier than before, with slick gameplay and brilliant graphics.

I couldn’t help myself.  All of the good memories were still lingering in my mind, and I came running back to you.
For awhile, it was good again, Deus Ex.  Our love affair began again, and I had fun.  Your story, your gameplay (With an actual melee button!!) were among the best I’ve experienced since the first time I left you.  Sure, you didn’t have multiplayer, and your voice-acting was a bit wooden, but you were still the deep, introspective, liberal lover I once knew.  Sadly, our second love affair ended almost as soon as it began.

You changed, Deus Ex.  We both have, I suppose.  You got older, grittier, darker.  You were deep, to be sure, but this time you were only a shadow of what you were before.  Your old theories about the Illuminati, Majestic Six, aliens in America–they were more or less gone, save for callbacks and references here and there.  The Illuminati were still a real thing for you, but they didn’t play any sort of active role in your story.  I always liked your conspiracies, Deus Ex.  They only added to the depth that made you so wonderful.

I still love you,but I think it’s time for us to move on.  This was a quick and dirty romp for old time’s sake, really.  Incredible as always, but we’ve grown too far apart.  It could never have lasted.

If anyone out there is looking for a great single-player RPG-shooter that forces the player to rely more on tact than sheer firepower–a cyberpunk game with an epic storyline and wicked gameplay, Deus Ex:  Human Revolution is available.  My rating:  4/5.  Not as good as it once was, but definitely good enough for a play.

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