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What Are We Putting Our Actors Through?

The idea of the Hollywood press junket has been around forever. A movie comes out and the various actors involved do a million interviews with everybody under the sun. I watch as few of these as humanly possible. I don’t really care what the actors have to say about the movie, no offense to the actors.

But I’ve been noticing a weird trend lately…thanks to YouTube, the press junkets now involve such weirdness! It’s like a gauntlet of insanity that we force our actors to go through…

Just check out what the Black Panther cast has gone through…

There’s the Wired Auto-Complete Challenge:

There’s the Vanity Fair Fear Box:

The Buzzfeed Would You Rather:

There’s the Teen Vogue Compliment Battle:

And Michael B. Jordan has individually done the Hot Ones hot wings challenge:

And 73 Questions from regular Vogue:

My God, people. What are we putting our celebrities through to promote their movies? What hath YouTube wrought? That’s probably not even all of them! I’m probably missing a bunch!

Is it no longer enough to just force celebrities through one inane interview after another? Must they now perform wackiness for every YouTube gimmick?

Haven’t they been through enough?!


Gopher Tuna, O Fortuna

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