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X-Cow is Probably Dead

X-Cow is the mutant cow that writer Mariko Tamaki created as a background joke in one of her X-23 issues. Or maybe it was artist Juann Cabal who slipped her into a background of a panel. I don’t know, but I thought it was funny!

Then X-Cow went and returned to the pages of X-23 this week! And she’s a Dungeon Master!

XCow 02

Oh Anole, what hath you wrought?!


I’m glad to see that X-Cow’s mutation has not stopped her from having hobbies and making friends!

What has stopped her, though, is the fact that she’s probably dead.

As we learned in the new issue of Uncanny X-Men this week, most mutants have either been killed, locked up, deported or disappeared.

XCow 03

Why couldn’t X-Cow have gone to the Age of X-Man?

I can’t imagine anything good happened to X-Cow now that the entire world has turned against mutants to such a wild degree. That might have been the last game of Dungeons & Dragons she ever played…

Apologies for assuming X-Cow’s gender.


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