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A Weird Al Biopic is Coming!

So the channel/thing that is Roku is making a biopic for Weird Al Yankovic, the greatest musician of all time. And it’s going to star Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al, which might be the most inspired casting of all time. This whole thing just looks great!

This looks funny, subversive, weird and just plain darn good. I don’t know what Roku is, but I guess I’m going to have to get it by the time Weird comes out later this year.


Weird Al Does Alexander Hamilton!

This popped up late last week and is just delightful! Weird Al compiles the Alexander Hamilton songs into a polka! Because that’s the world we live in and it can sometimes be amazing!

And I find it a good way to start a Monday and a week.


Weird Al Has Been Touring With the Same Band His Entire Career

And they’ve put together a home-made version of their hit single, Tacky!

I just thought I’d share some musical fun with you today, seeing as how it’s Weird Al, and he can do no wrong. But I was kind of amazed to learn he’s been touring with the same band since he got his start in the 80s. That’s kind of insane. Did we even know that Weird Al had a band?!


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