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Weird Al Does Alexander Hamilton!

This popped up late last week and is just delightful! Weird Al compiles the Alexander Hamilton songs into a polka! Because that’s the world we live in and it can sometimes be amazing!

And I find it a good way to start a Monday and a week.


Batlexander Manilton is More Proof That the Internet is Amazing

The musical Hamilton continues to invade pop culture with song parodies, and they’re so good that I really want to see this musical somehow. But considering I can’t afford Broadway, that’s not about to happen anytime soon. Still, here’s Batlexander Manilton!

We have the geniuses at Turtle Cameron to thank for today’s opening musical.

And speaking of Batman, I’m going to try and get my review of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice posted this afternoon!


Spock Rock

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that there’s a super popular Broadway play about Alexander Hamilton. Considering I’ve never seen a Broadway play, it makes sense that Hamilton snuck up on me. Fortunately, some kind and awesome soul has already parodied the play with Star Trek.

Hats off to you, Jackson Lanzing. You are doing the Internet proud.


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