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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/25/17

We’ve got one of those weird, outlier, DC-only weeks again! I will gladly admit that I prefer Marvel Comics, but in an effort to be in any way impartial, I do keep trying to read more DC for these reviews! And this week is all DC Comics (with one non-Marvel exception).

We’ve got really fun issues of Detective Comics and Harley Quinn, but the real winner this week is the new issue of Batgirl. It had a lot of great moments, earning it Comic Book of the Week!

Batgirl Robin Partners 01

He’s a good mentor

Normally this is where I would review the latest issue of the Big Event, but I’ve decided to shake things up and actually review the individual Doomsday Clock issues. It’s a sequel to Watchmen, so I figure I owe it to…I dunno, the comic book gods? Either way, look below for my review of Doomsday Clock!

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #17, Detective Comics #969, Doomsday Clock #1, Harley Quinn #32 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21. 

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For the Record, I Love Watchmen the Motion Picture

I loved it when I saw it in theaters, I loved it when I got the Extended Cut on DVD, and I still love it. I don’t get what everybody doesn’t like about this movie. It’s great! Honestly!

But we can always count on Screen Junkies to tell it like they see it, I suppose.


I Really Liked Watchmen

I really liked the Watchmen movie. It’s exciting and fun, and a great adaptation. But hey, it’s not perfect.

Cinema Sins does a pretty good job on the movie, but they once again get pinched by their choice not to consider the source material. I don’t think you can consider Doctor Manhattan’s crazy cool temporal existence powers to be a sin.


The 6 Best Premiere Superhero Teams (That Aren’t the Avengers or the Justice League)

The Avengers and the Justice League represent the best of the best of their superhero universes. They are the heroes on the front lines of the fight against evil, drawing together their champion heroes and spear-heading their entire caped communities. So, of course, they’ve become shorthand for superhero teams from other universes as well.

Only one shall stand

Marvel and DC are not the only publishers in the superhero business. But just like we’ve got both Green Arrow and Hawkeye and both Superman and the Sentry, sometimes ideas and characters get copied across publishers. The same is true for superhero teams. Marvel has the Avengers, DC has the Justice League…but who does everybody else have?

Just for the fun of it, and because I love comics, I decided to look around and pick out the best Avengers/JLA analogues!

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Sweet Avengers Trailer Mash-Ups

Oh Internet, how I love you. You deliver us joyous videos like this Star Wars/Age of Ultron mash-up.

This bit of greatness comes courtesy The Unusual Suspect, the genius that delivered the previous Star Wars/Guardians of the Galaxy mash-up. This man is doing the Internet Lord’s work, and we are all better for it. This Ultron video was especially good.

But wait, there’s more! How about this mash-up of The Avengers and Watchmen?

Considering Disney owns both Age of Ultron and Star Wars, they should hire this guy and make these videos legit marketing for both movies! General audiences would eat this stuff up! And The Unusual Suspect needs to become more famous.


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