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So They’re Making a New Mummy Movie

Word has it that Universal Studios is still trying to put together their shared monster universe. The Mummy is the either the next or first part of the universe, depending on whether or not anybody still cares about Dracula Reborn. Do you remember Dracula Reborn? Then that probably answers that question.

Anyway, the new Mummy will star Tom Cruise, so maybe it has some chops.

Can’t say as how I’m too impressed or interested based on that trailer. Looks fine, I suppose, and Tom Cruise usually doesn’t get wrapped up in crappy movies. So hey, maybe it will be good. In general, I’m totally in favor of a big shared monster universe. If they can make awesome versions of Frankenstein and the Wolfman and Dracula and have them all fight or join forces, that sounds neat.



The 6 Best Comic Book Uses of Classic Horror Monsters

Happy Henchman Halloween, boys and ghouls! I come to you once again with a scary List of Sinister Six, designed to fill you with fright and a certain amount of comic book trivia! Because the comic book industry isn’t immune to holiday specials, and there has been some truly fun comic book spookiness over the years. This week, we’re going to look at the best comic book appearances by those classic Universal Studios movie monsters: Dracular, Frankentein, the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and all their friends!

Coming to a Hollywood reboot near you

You’d be surprised what some creative types can do once characters are in the public domain. Sometimes they’re really imaginative and fascinating. And sometimes they attach a random adjective onto the monster and call it a day. So join me won’t you to discover the six best comic book appearances of some of Hollywood’s most iconic spooksters!

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