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Toy Fair is a Place I Want To Be

I’ve been to several Comic-Cons, but never Toy Fair, the toys and collectibles trade show that’s held…I actually don’t know with what regularity they hold Toy Fair. Anybody? Well it was definitely held this past weekend, and like some kind of dream, it featured a ton of new toys I absolutely want to buy. But knowing the market for really awesome action figures these days, there’s very little chance I’ll ever actually see any of these in my local Wal-Mart. But  I can dream.

I mean, check out this awesome Puck action figure!

He’s Canadian!

As fans of my blog know, I have a big ‘Geek Wall’ in my apartment (which the ladies love, I assure you…right, ladies?). And I’m always looking for awesome new action figures to add to the wall. Besides Puck, what about this fantastic Scarlet Spider! As one of the comics I regularly review, I’ve got to buy this Scarlet Spider action figure. It’s now a life mission.

This is the sort of thing that completely justifies an action figure collection

Join me after the jump for more awesome Toy Fair action figures!

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