Toy Fair is a Place I Want To Be

I’ve been to several Comic-Cons, but never Toy Fair, the toys and collectibles trade show that’s held…I actually don’t know with what regularity they hold Toy Fair. Anybody? Well it was definitely held this past weekend, and like some kind of dream, it featured a ton of new toys I absolutely want to buy. But knowing the market for really awesome action figures these days, there’s very little chance I’ll ever actually see any of these in my local Wal-Mart. But  I can dream.

I mean, check out this awesome Puck action figure!

He’s Canadian!

As fans of my blog know, I have a big ‘Geek Wall’ in my apartment (which the ladies love, I assure you…right, ladies?). And I’m always looking for awesome new action figures to add to the wall. Besides Puck, what about this fantastic Scarlet Spider! As one of the comics I regularly review, I’ve got to buy this Scarlet Spider action figure. It’s now a life mission.

This is the sort of thing that completely justifies an action figure collection

Join me after the jump for more awesome Toy Fair action figures!

So that Scarlet Spider action figure comes from the new Marvel Legends line by Hasbro. Marvel Legends has produced some excellent figures over the years, though they shut down the line for a short time a few years ago, right before they were about to produce a Multiple Man action figure. So clearly the universe hates me just a little bit. But how about this awesome Hawkeye?

I hope it’s an actual working bow

You can check out some of the others here, like Jean Grey, Rocket Racoon and a few more members of the Wrecking Crew.

The Puck figurine comes from a Wolverine-specific line by Hasbro. They’re not making any figures for The Wolverine movie, so some comic based figures are going to have to do it. They will have Wolverine, Sabretooth, Puck and an awesome Cyclops!

Cyclops was right! Pax Utopia!

Gotta have that Cyclops. Maybe even that Phoenix Cyclops.

And speaking of Cyclops, he also comes in this cool threeway character pack with JuggerColossus. It would be cool to have the world’s only Colossusnaut action figure. I rather liked that recent story.

Another good Cyclops, neat

Click here to check out some more action figures, including the black armor Iron Man and Havok. They’re of the smaller, 4-inch variety though. I’m not a fan.

Anyway, don’t think that Marvel has the only good action figures coming out this year! DC Comics has some goodies, including the new Joker, Captain Cold and several other DCnU characters! A lot of them look fantastic in their new costumes, especially new GL Simon Baz! I’m a big Baz fan, so I want this figure too!

Best. GL. Ever.

Awesome stuff.

And hey, if superheroes aren’t your thing, we’re also going to see the first ever Axe Cop action figures! Now that’s something to be proud of.

He will chop you in the head!

I know for a fact I’ll probably never see those Axe Cop toys in stores. That’s just not how the world works, for some reason. You don’t actually see the really good toys in stores. It’s all done on the new-fangled Internet. Weird, right? And sad.

Still, the gauntlet has been thrown. These toys will exist. And I must own them. It’s good to have quests.


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