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Tom Hanks, a Robot and a Dog

September has been pretty barren when it comes to new movies. But this random Tom Hanks trailer arrived a couple days ago and it could be pretty fun. The movie is called Finch.

It looks fine. Tom Hanks is always a treat, and now he’s got an adorable dog and an adorable robot. Why does he build the robot again? Just as a hobby at the end of the world? I suppose we’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Finch comes to AppleTV+ on Nov. 5.


If ‘Finding Neverland’ Was About Mary Poppins Instead

There’s a big new prestige movie coming out in December starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. That is some inspired casting. The movie is about Walt Disney trying to convince author P.L. Travers to let him make a movie about Mary Poppins. The film is called Saving Mr. Banks.

Now honestly. That plot and that title? It’s like an unofficial/unplanned sequel to Finding Neverland, about the author of Peter Pan.

At least the trailer looks pretty good. Looks like the perfect schmaltzy December sort of movie. And again, Tom Hanks as Walt Disney? Brilliant! He should do a hole series of Disney biopics.

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