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The Spot is the Greatest Super-Villain of All Time, of All Time

The Internet was invented for videos like the two I’m about to show you. A group called Lumberjack Films has created a two-video proposal to Marvel Comics to give one of my favorite super-villains, The Spot, ¬†either his own movie or his own comic series. And they don’t just talk about how cool The Spot is (and he’s very cool), they discovered an incredible use for the Greenman spandex costume. It has to be seen to be believed. Comic book fans, stand up and applaud these fine gentlemen.

And then The Spot himself stops by to explain to Marvel why he is such an awesome comic book character.

This is brilliant! If the Internet handed out awards, I would give these guys all of them! I wish I had genius like this. Lumberjack Films are my new heroes.

Long live The Spot!

The Spot saving us from that menace, Spider-Man

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the find.

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