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The Sandman TV Show is Closer Than Ever

Another Comic Con trailer we got this past weekend was a big, beefy trailer for the Sandman TV show coming to Netflix. I read all of Sandman back in the day and it was as great a story as everybody says. The TV show looks like a damn fine adaptation.

There seems to be a real focus on The Corinthian being the big bad of the show. Was he that big of a deal in the comics? I know he’s got that freaky look, but I don’t remember him being the major villain of the series. The Sandman comic wasn’t about that. So hopefully we get more of the cool, dreamy stuff instead of the straight villain fight stuff. Still looks great!

The Sandman comes to Netflix on Aug. 5.


Sweet, Sweet Sandman Trailer

The Sandman TV show is coming this summer! Fingers are crossed all the possible ways that this is going to be good. I loved all the comics. I love Neil Gaiman. And I’ve been loving most live action comic book streaming adaptations that we’ve been getting. So my hopes are up!

It looks fantastic. Very spooky. Very accurate. Also very existential. Will it get too weird for me? Maybe! But I’d like to think the showrunners will keep that in mind and make the show very approachable. Also, in case it needs to be said, I’m perfectly fine with Jenna Coleman being a genderbent John Constantine. Why the hell would I have a problem with that?

The Sandman comes to Netflix on Aug. 5.


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