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So We Have a Daredevil

Not that there was any hope that Ben Affleck would come back to play Daredevil again for the Netflix series. That’s probably for the best. Instead, Marvel has cast actor Charlie Cox in the role of blind attorney Matt Murdock, to star in the new Daredevil TV show that will come out next year. You may know Cox from Boardwalk Empire. I only know him from the movie Stardust, which I haven’t seen in many years, so I don’t remember anything about Charlie Cox.

But he’s the new TV Daredevil, so good for him!

I honestly don’t have much opinion on this. I’m very happy to see the Netflix series going forward. I can’t wait to see all of them. I’m super-excited to see what Marvel can do with a Daredevil TV show. I’m sure Cox is a great guy.

What does everybody else think of the news?

6 Things I Want To See in the Netflix Defenders

The deal Marvel made last week with Netflix to air four separate live-action superhero shows is still a little hard to believe. I wasn’t around in the 60s and 70s, when Batman, Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk all had successful and popular TV shows, so the idea of actually pulling this off is still very daunting. But then, the same could have been said about The Avengers movie, and that was a clear success. So I have the utmost confidence that Marvel and Netflix are going to pull off shows for Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and then unite them as The Defenders. They’re probably going to be awesome.

This scene verbatim

And like most forms of superhero entertainment, you know I have my own opinions. There’s still time for Marvel to hire me to be a writer on one of these shows, but until then, this blog is all I have to share with you my ideas for this bold new TV venture. So join me after the jump for the 6 things I want from these shows.

Other than a writing credit, of course.

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Oh, So That’s the Ant-Man Who is Going to Join the Defenders…

Turns out that Ant-Man is going to join the Defenders after all! And based on solicitations for September’s comics, it’s going to be the newly resurrected Scott Lang Ant-Man! And he’s going to be wearing one of my favorite Ant-Man costumes ever!

That’s him in the Ant-Man costume

This isn’t really important comic book news or anything, just something that’s important to me. Writer Matt Fraction recently relaunched The Defenders, and I picked up the first few issues because I saw an ad for the series that included an appearance by Ant-Man. But since he was so tiny in the ad, there was no way of knowing which Ant-Man. There have been three of them.

I assumed it would be the current Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady. I thought he was going to transfer from the Secret Avengers to The Defenders. And O’Grady is a character for whom I’ll buy any book that he’s appearing – which includes Secret Avengers, but did not include his run on the Thunderbolts. But whatever.

Then after several issues without Ant-Man, I stopped buying The Defenders.

Only now we can see that Ant-Man will be joining the team! And it will be the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang. He recently came back to life in a different comic, and it’s good to know that Marvel will be doing something cool with him. Scott is probably my favorite of the three Ant-Men. So I’ll definitely be picking up The Defenders again.

I just thought you’d like to know.

Review: Defenders #2

With the team already set up in issue #1, this follow-up second issue deals mostly with exposition and fighting. Writer Matt Fraction has clearly thought up a pretty detailed plot, and now he’s got to tell us all what it is so that I guess we can enjoy the rest of the story. This issue was not very exciting, I’m afraid. Not at all bad, but nothing to blow minds or convince me that The Defenders is the next big thing.

Defenders #2

The Defenders has yet to truly ‘wow’ me or show why it should be considered anything more than a Matt Fraction vanity project. The stellar art of the Dodsons isn’t enough.

Comic rating: 3/5: Alright!

This is a humor book where the jokes are more subtle and less slapstick, and unfortunately don’t land most of the time. The characters, while enjoyable, take a back seat to the plot explanation. And the plot is cool, I guess, but it’s hardly anything noteworthy or groundbreaking. This series is so far pretty much just standard superhero fare. Sure it looks fantastic and is well-written, but everything about it falls pretty flat. This feels like it should be a high-profile book, but is failing in that regard.

It’s some of Marvel’s top talent launching a series that doesn’t need to exist. Nobody was screaming for a new Defenders series. So when Marvel let’s Matt Fraction and the Dodsons create The Defenders, I want to know there’s a purpose. Spoilers and synopsis after the jump.

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