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Josh Brolin to Fulfill Lifelong Goal of Obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet

Actor Josh Brolin’s lifelong goal of commanding the forces of time and space are about to come to fruition now that he will be playing Thanos the Mad Titan in both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. There’s an extremely good chance that both appearances will be little more than cameos, especially the one in Avengers 2, but hopefully the all-mighty, all-knowing Death will accept both as tribute.

He is become Thanos, destroying of worlds

Many assumed Brolin’s role in The Goonies was his first attempt at gathering the legendary Infinity Gauntlet – what with the Soul Gem hidden among One-Eyed Willie’s treasure – but that attempt proved fruitless.

Maybe some big budget, Marvel blockbusters will finally see his grand scheme succeed.

Personally, I hope to see him conquer all. Brolin seems like a fine guy. Does anybody know if this will be voice acting or motion capture? Or…a lot of purple makeup?

Though how this will effect Jonah Hex 2 is anyone’s guess…

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