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Yep, Still No Robin in Batman Telltale

I’m mostly looking forward to Batman: The Enemy Within, the sequel to the first Telltale version of Batman. I liked the first one, but there’s something so slow and meticulous about the Telltale games that I’m not too jazzed. I can’t just drop in and play. I need to set aside time at night to play a whole chapter at once. It’s a little stressful!

Anyway, my biggest point is that there’s still no sign of Robin. If you don’t know already, I judge all Batman projects based on whether or not they include Robin. And so far, this sequel is failing.

At the very least, Riddler puzzles should be great in a Telltale game!


No Sign of Robin Yet in Batman Telltale

A sequel to the Telltale Batman game was announced, but there’s no sign of Robin! Why does that matter? It matters to me!

Looks fine. Riddler is always a fun guy, and I’m sure his gimmick can go a long way in Telltale’s style. I liked the first one and I’m sure I’ll like this second one, too!


No Sign of Robin in Telltale Batman Game; Literally Unplayable

There’s going to be another Batman video game later this Summer, and it’s going to be made by the Telltale people, who specialize in point-and-click adventure stories. They’re the geniuses behind The Walking Dead game, so Batman is probably in good hands.

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of Robin in this game, so what’s even the point? Should I even bother playing? Maybe Clementine will cameo and it’ll all be worth it.



We’re Coming to Get You, Clementine!

I know it’s late in the day, but I just got home and found this lovely trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead video game by Telltale Games. You’re all playing, right?

I can’t wait to play a zombie game as a nearly defenseless little girl! The game comes out on Tuesday, though I probably won’t be playing it right away.

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