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Let’s Take Another Look at the Steven Universe TV Movie!

Steven Universe is getting a big relaunch next week with a made-for-TV movie! The show is technically still going, I think, even though the last season finale was absolutely epic. The movie is going to see a 2-year time jump, during which our boy is finally going to grow up a little bit!

It looks great to me! My only real gripe with the show is that one episode where it states that Steven is growing up at a slower rate. It was a dumb idea. I realize they probably wanted to keep him in his familiar kid form for the bulk of the show, but it’s not like the show spanned years. The entire show is about Steven maturing! Let’s see that happen! Let him grow up!

With this movie, it looks like they might be, and I am stoked! The movie drops on Sept. 2.


The Witcher TV Show and the Steven Universe TV Movie Look Great!

Finally we arrive at some Comic-Con trailers I actually care about! First up is The Witcher TV show coming to Netflix. Like most people, I am a huge fan of The Witcher video games, with The Witcher 3 being one of the greatest, most in-depth I have ever played. But the show is going to be based on the books, which I have no tread.

At least Henry Cavill looks better in motion than he did in the early photographs. This show could have all the goodness!

Next up is a Steven Universe made-for-TV movie, which looks awesome! And it delivers the one thing I want most from Steven Universe: letting him grow up. Steven is a such a great character that it annoys me that he was forced to stay kid-like. They had an episode explaining that his body just didn’t age like a normal person. That is so weird and lame.

Steven is a character that I want to see grow up. Steven’s growing maturity was the best part of the show, and I want that taken to normal, natural levels. But if you go much further, he’ll be an adult in a weird kid body, and that’s just weird. Movie trailer looks good, though.


My Favorite Steven Universe Song Gets a Comic Con Music Video!

Steven Universe is great, for a million different reasons. And the music is definitely one of those reasons. Steven Universe has got some great songs. And now my favorite, Stronger Than You, has an official music video with singer Estelle. Cartoon Network filmed it at Comic Con last week.

Estelle voices Garnet, who sings the song in the show. It’s about the power of love and relationships and stuff. You’d understand it better if you watched Steven Universe, which you should.


My 6 Favorite Cartoons of All Time (This Week)

I have watched cartoons for my entire life. As a child in the 1980s, I was the perfect target for the glut of toy commercial cartoons that filled the airwaves (and now our movie screens). The ’90s saw not only the rise of Fox Kids and after school cartoons, but also the coming of The Simpsons and prime time animated entertainment. I sat through Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and now I’m basking in a golden age of smart, intelligent and often amazing cartoons like BoJack Horseman and Steven Universe.

So through all these long years, which ones are my all-time favorites?

Oh man, remember Dinosaucers?

Oh man, remember Dinosaucers?

By popular demand, I’ve finally sat down and figured out my six favorite cartoon shows of all time — at least for this week. This list is subject to change on a whim, but I think it’s pretty rooted in solid cartoon enjoyment. I had to dig deep on this one, and it pained me to cast some of my favorites into the ‘Honorable Mentions’ at the bottom. But these six are truly some of the greats.

For the sake of my sanity and memory, we’re sticking to television cartoon shows. There are plenty of animated movies and web cartoons that are genius, but we’ll save those for another day, perhaps. And please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below!

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