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Without Further Delay, I’m Back!

Sorry henchies! I was on vacation this weekend visiting my friends in Boston! It meant I was away for a few days without new blog content, but I’ve got some cool news to announce in the coming weeks! Set your radars for ‘Exciting Henchman News!’

For now, though, I figured I’d ease myself into being back home (at back at work) with some funny Internetting! How about some Key & Peele?

Poor Stan Lee! He’s so beloved, but oh so silly in this day and age. He himself is a glorious throwback to the Golden Age. Every time I hear news that some company has teamed up with Stan Lee to create some new superheroes, this is exactly what I expect it’s like. Does anybody remember Striperella? What about Stan Lee Media? I love those guys for their ridiculous attempts to sue Marvel for ownership of Spider-Man and Co. just because they were once partnered with Stan Lee. They’re always good for a laugh.

As are Key & Peele!

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