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Oh Hey, Check Out This Trailer for Space Force!

I’ve been sitting on this trailer for a week or so now, just waiting for a lazy Friday to throw it up and let everyone enjoy. It’s for Space Force, the new Steve Carell/Greg Daniels joint project coming to Netflix at the end of the month. Looks funny, and I like funny!

I was a huge fan of The Office way back in the day, when it was actually airing on regular, network TV. So I’m excited to see some of those creative people give us another funny workplace comedy. I’m a fan of the genre, especially when applied to weird topics.

Have you seen Death of Stalin yet? That’s also on Netflix, and it is an hilariously dark and bleak workplace comedy about the titular death of Josef Stalin. Highly recommended.

Space Force lands on May 29, which will be here before we know it.


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