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The Greatest Skyrim Video of All Time, By Dan Bull and Harry Partridge

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim just released a special edition last month, with updated graphics and other fanciness. I’ve played hundreds of hours in Skyrim, creating half a dozen different characters, because it’s an incredibly fun game. Since I bought all the DLC previously, I was gifted with the new Special Edition for free! I’ll get around to playing it eventually once I figure out a new character to create.

While I’m waiting, two Internet legends, Dan Bull and Harry Partridge, have teamed up for an amazing video about the Special Edition. You may remember these guys from Dan Bull’s Skyrim Epic Rap and Harry Partridge’s awesome Skyrim songs! And the Dovahkids!

Now they’re together and making true magic!

This takes me back! This is good video. It’s like two great masters of the Internet have come together to make the world an even better place!


When the Internet Gives – The Skyrim Theme Sung by the Chocolate Rain Guy

The title says it all. Sometimes the Internet just comes together to produce something I never knew I could live without.

Who doesn’t love Chocolate Rain? It’s an Internet classic. And one has to assume that meme pioneer Tay Zonday has to wake up every morning and think up something new to do with his day. I bet he plays Skyrim. If I could sing an awesome version of the Skyrim theme, I totally would. I would owe it to the world. He’s only doing what he was put on this Earth to do. And for that, I salute him.

He also sang an awesome cover of Be Prepared from the Lion King. Because, again, the Internet is nothing if not all-giving.

While the boss is away: One hench-person’s top six video game themes

Thank God.  I thought he’d never leave.
Until the boss returns, this site belongs to the henchmen.  Viva la revolution!

Now that we have some time to ourselves, I thought I’d rate for you my arbitrarily-numbered favourite themes from video games.  Just in case you’ve missed out on the past 20 years of video game development, they’re as much a musical experience as they are visual and tactile.  For many gamers, the music of video games has stayed with us long after the games themselves have found their way onto a lonely shelf.  Let’s take a look back, shall we?

6. Super Mario Brothers

It’s not always style or beauty in the music itself that captivates us.  This song, playful and upbeat, represents an entire generation of gamers from the very start of the home console.


5. Tetris

This isn’t the first time the Tetris theme has made it onto this blog, and for good reason.  This theme echos the methodical approach to Tetris’s gameplay, and at times the frantic rush that comes with the more difficult stages.

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Skyrim Proves It’s Not Dead Yet By Introducing More Dragons

Dragons you can ride!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the game that keeps on giving. I loved the Dawnguard expansion pack a few months ago. I didn’t bother with the Hearth one, where you got to build your own house and adopt some kids. Seemed too much like work. But I’m definitely on board for the new expansion: Dragonborn! It appears to include dragon mounts! More games should be about riding dragons.

It comes out on Dec. 4 for X-Box, no word for the PC, which is where I play. Probably not until January. Alas.

What’cha Gonna Do When the Dragonborn Comes For You?

Bad boys, bad boys, what’cha gonna do, what’cha gonna do when they FUS RO DAH!?

Created by Bryan Basham and Adjacent Studios.

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