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The Rocket Raccoon Mug of My Dreams

Curse you, Marvel Comics! The one year I decide not to go to the New York City Comic-Con and you open your own store!


I want that mug. It’s so shocking adorable and awesome! Rocket Raccoon is going to star, and possibly be a breakout character, in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014. Marvel isn’t going to have any footage or anything to show at the NY Comic-Con this year, but clearly they can start merchandising!

But aargh! This is the year I decided not to go to the Comic-Con! I’ve gone the past two years in a row – and loved The Avengers footage they showed last year – but my brother and I decided not to bother this year. Someone out there in Marvel Comics land must have found out, and this is their punishment. The mug is only $12 at the show, but you know it’ll be $100 on eBay soon after.

You can check out the rest of Marvel’s exclusive booth merchandise here.

Any of my readers going to be in NYC for the Con this year?

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