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Fashionably Late to the Rocket Raccoon Party

Last week, it was announced that Bradley Cooper had been cast as the voice of Rocket Raccoon in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I should have done something then, but along came the holiday weekend, and some X-Boxing, so I just kind of blew it off. Well, today is a slow news day, so say hello to your Rocket Raccoon!

There’s a Hangover joke in here somewhere

I haven’t made up my mind yet whether or not I care for this casting. Cooper seems like an inspired choice, but then I’m having a hard time picturing his voice coming out of a CGI raccoon. Cooper has a calm, level voice, I think, very human. Not something you’d expect from an insane, gun-wielding space raccoon.

But maybe he’ll surprise us. Meanwhile, I’m totally behind Vin Diesel as Groot.

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