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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/27/14

Ho, Ho, Ho, my henchies! The holidays are still in full swing for me. I’m visiting family in Rochester, NY today, and that’s always a treat. But even with all the traveling, working and unwrapping of excellent presents, I managed to pick up and read a few comics.

Batman Eternal continues to be the absolute worst, despite all the potential it could have. Damian Wayne returns as Robin like it ain’t no thang. And two of my favorite comics, She-Hulk and Uncanny X-Men, deliver some more stellar issues. Comic Book of the Week goes to She-Hulk #11 for some quality superheroics.

Though Uncanny X-Men is not without its charms.

Goldballs needs to become Bendis’ chief legacy with the X-Men, like what he did for Luke Cage and the Avengers.

Comic Reviews: Batman Eternal #38, Robin Rises – Alpha, She-Hulk #11 and Uncanny X-Men #29.

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Robin Watch: Costumes A Go-Go!

Not much going on today, so I thought I’d share this awesome cover image from Batman and Robin #36, where Red Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl all get dressed up in Robin variants of their costumes to honor Damian! It was drawn by Patrick Gleason.

Tim Drake looks damn good

The image was previewed in USA Today, in an article about how the Batman and Robin team, Mahnke and Peter Tomasi, are taking over the Superman/Wonder Woman comic. Good for them. But I only really care about the Robin stuff!

Especially a quote from Tomasi about why everyone is dressed in these variant costumes.

“All of these characters at this point are in the Robin mix,” Tomasi says. “The Bat-family will, in the end, rise to the challenge of helping a new Robin come to be in the DCU.”

A new Robin? That sounds a lot more firm than just bringing Damian back from the dead. So who could it be? I really don’t know at this point.

Though I’m holding out hope that this ‘Bluebird’ thing is all a feint, and Harper Row really does become the new Robin.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/19/14

I have a feeling that the closer we get to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the more prevalent the GotG cameos will be in Marvel comics. We’ve got at least two this week – that I read – and both are painfully obvious. It’s like Marvel is working overtime to erase all of the goodwill built up by all those amazing movie trailers.

I am going to be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy on opening night. But you better believe I’m not about to pay for one of their comics.

Fortunately, we’ve got a pretty good pile of books this week. New issues of Uncanny X-Men and She-Hulk were pretty darn great. If you’re a supporter of Cyclops, like me, things are going to get pretty awesome pretty fast. We also kick off the return of Robin at DC Comics, but for some reason, I’m pretty much subdued as far as that goes. And we’ve still got comics like Original Sin and Batwoman to stink up the joint. But we rebound with another (inter)stellar issue of Silver Surfer, which wins Comic Book of the Week for an adorable trip to Cape Cod.

But if I’m being completely honest, and more than a little shocked, Batman Eternal wins moment of the week for this hilarious bit. Batwing and the Spectre have just entered the haunted, overrun Arkham Asylum.

That is the smartest thing Batman Eternal has written so far.

Comic Reviews: Batman Eternal #15, Batwoman #33, Original Sin #6, Robin Rises: Omega #1, She-Hulk #6, Silver Surfer #4, and Uncanny X-Men #23.

You can also eventually check out my larger review of Ms. Marvel #6 over at Word of the Nerd.

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