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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/27/14

Ho, Ho, Ho, my henchies! The holidays are still in full swing for me. I’m visiting family in Rochester, NY today, and that’s always a treat. But even with all the traveling, working and unwrapping of excellent presents, I managed to pick up and read a few comics.

Batman Eternal continues to be the absolute worst, despite all the potential it could have. Damian Wayne returns as Robin like it ain’t no thang. And two of my favorite comics, She-Hulk and Uncanny X-Men, deliver some more stellar issues. Comic Book of the Week goes to She-Hulk #11 for some quality superheroics.

Though Uncanny X-Men is not without its charms.

Goldballs needs to become Bendis’ chief legacy with the X-Men, like what he did for Luke Cage and the Avengers.

Comic Reviews: Batman Eternal #38, Robin Rises – Alpha, She-Hulk #11 and Uncanny X-Men #29.

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