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Was It All So That Tom King Could Make This One Joke?

Writer Tom King’s Heroes in Crisis came to an end today and I didn’t much care for it. I’ll have my full review up with my regular reviews on Saturday, but there was one joke buried deep in Heroes in Crisis #9 that made me wonder if this whole thing existed so that Tom King could tell the one joke…

So basically, Heroes in Crisis has involved a ton of DC superheroes undergoing therapy, which has involved the heroes talking to the “camera” about their problems. These confessionals have been a major part of the story all along, offering real insight into some of DC’s most and least popular heroes and villains.

This final issue sees a whole host more superheroes do the confessional. The message being that the events of Heroes in Crisis have prompted more heroes to be willing to go to therapy, so we see a ton more confessionals. Each hero gets a single confessional panel this issue, with dozens of new superheroes getting a moment.

Including Red Tornado.

Red Tornado Joke 01

You clever girl…

Honestly, this joke almost makes the whole thing worth it. Let me know if you need the joke explained to you in the comments. I don’t want to spoil it by explaining it here in the actual blog post.


DC Presents: “How to Make the Vision on a TV Show Budget”

So the first image of Red Tornado from the upcoming Supergirl TV show hit the Internet last week, and, well…I’m less than impressed. It’s made the rounds a lot so far, but I figure I should post it anyway for posterity. Someday, future geeks will dig through the Internet like archaeologists and will hopefully stumble upon my site. They’re going to want to know what I thought about a random TV character in a superhero TV show circa 2015.

Take me to your cleaner

That’s actor Iddo Goldberg in the Red Tornado gear, and, well…just look at the poor guy! Red Tornado is an android in the comics, and I think they’re carrying that story over into the Supergirl TV show. But he’s definitely an android on a budget. The face, obviously, harkens back to the Vision from Age of Ultron. And that suit, jeez. They clearly wanted the segmented look of a good Iron Man armor, but that is clearly just lines painted on felt. That’s not an android body armor, that’s a shirt.

Hopefully it’ll look better in live action. And we better not see a different Red Tornado in Arrow or The Flash, because I’m still holding out hope for a crossover!


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