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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/29/23

I’m back. I’m still reading comics and still writing reviews for them. Sometimes we get a week like last week, where all my favorites come out. And sometimes we get a week like this one, where some of my side comics are piled up. We’ve got a brand new relaunch for Green Arrow, which I decided to check out, along with more Captain American and Iron Man. I even went back to Tim Drake: Robin to check in and see how things are going.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Wasp #4 for an excellent wrap up to a wonderful little series. This comic has it all, and should be a big hit with Wasp fans. Characters are treated well, the ending ties everything together nicely and it’s all quite pleasant.

When is Mother’s Day?

Meanwhile, I did not buy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor this weekend because I’m saving my money for Legend of Zelda in a couple of weeks. So I’m missing out on that game. But I did get the new DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, so at least that’s something. I beat Gotham Knights and put it down, content that I had experienced everything I needed to experience with that game. I fully understand why it crashed and burned, which is a darn shame.

Comic Reviews: Captain America: Symbol of Truth #12, Green Arrow #1, Invincible Iron Man #5, Strange Academy: Finals #6, Tim Drake: Robin #8 and Wasp #4.

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6 Thoughts on the Third Season of Arrow

The third season of Arrow came to a dramatic conclusion last week, with Oliver Queen making some pretty major decisions about his life. Season 3 has been a rocky one, but I enjoyed the heck out of it. Arrow is still one of my favorite shows on television and you better believe I can’t wait to watch DC’s TV universe get bigger and better.

So much smoldering sexiness!

I’m no good at reviewing TV shows, especially episode-to-episode. So when a season of one of my favorite superhero TV shows is over, I like to do a roundup like this. You can check out my lists for the first and second seasons of Arrow. As for the third season, like I said, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as good as the previous season. Could it be because the creative team was split up in order to make The Flash? Who knows!

Join me after the jump to see my thoughts on the third season of Arrow. And feel free to share your own review in the comments below.

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Arrow is Treating Sidekicks Right

How great is Arrow these days? The drama is intense, the characters are as strong as ever, and Oliver’s fight with R’as al Ghul was a highpoint of the entire series. But you know what I’m loving the most? Roy Harper, the sidekick!

Arrow is doing almost everything I could possibly want from a superhero sidekick on live action TV.

The awesome costume is a big plus

I never thought we would see the day. I never in my wildest dreams imagined Arrow would follow through with the introduction of Roy Harper and turn him into a solid, successful superhero in his own right. Granted, Roy Harper is kind of a train wreck in the comics, and there is plenty of time for the show to go down that route. But right now, Arsenal is the sidekick superhero I’ve dreamed about.

If only Arrow was actually about Batman and Robin, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Besides, it’s been done

The only thing Arrow needs to do now is push Arsenal one step further and make it so that he isn’t a complete failure  just because Oliver isn’t around.

Join me after the jump for the full story!

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Holy Cow, Red Arrow Looks Awesome!

Roy Harper is probably going to be called Arsenal in Arrow, but I’ve been a fan of the ‘Red Arrow’ moniker since back when he joined the Justice League, before the bad, cat-related times. I was a huge fan of Roy’s storyline in Season 2, and it looks like it’s going to get even better in Season 3!

That’s an even more badass outfit than what Oliver Queen wears! And it’s much better than the silly red hoodie he wore in the first two seasons. According to Entertainment Weekly, Roy is going to start out Episode 1 in costume, a full member of Team Arrow. That’s badass news for this big time Arrow and Arsenal fan!

Roy Harper is Coming to Arrow After All!

Awesome bit of casting news has hit TV Guide: actor Colton Haynes has been cast as Roy Harper in the hit TV show Arrow!


Now that is one studly guy. He comes from Mtv’s Teen Wolf show, which I’ve never seen, so I have no idea if he’s a good actor or not. But that hardly matters to me. The CW and Arrow aren’t exactly filled with Oscar winners. But who cares? The show is awesome so far, and this is fantastically awesome news! Clearly somebody at The CW saw my list of DC Comics characters that I want to see in Arrow.

Because if you don’t know, Roy Harper is really Arsenal, the sidekick of Green Arrow! He’s the Robin to Green Arrow’s Batman!

Super ladies?

Arsenal started out as Speedy, your typical plucky young sidekick, but he eventually grew up to be a more badass fighter who changed his name to Arsenal. When he then later joined the Justice League, he took on more of the Green Arrow’s mantle by changing his name to Red Arrow. I thought that was pretty awesome, because I love stories where the sidekick grows up and becomes his own hero. Things got a little murky after that, and now he’s back to being Arsenal in the New 52 reboot.

According to the TV Guide article, Roy Harper on Arrow is going to be a street-smart kid who grew up on the wrong side of town. And he’s going to be a love interest for Oliver Queen’s sister, Thea (whose childhood nickname as ‘Speedy’). The producers are keeping their lips sealed about any superheroics for their version of Roy Harper, but I have to hope that he’s going to suit up and be a real sidekick one of these days. Why else have him on the show?

I think Arrow could get a lot of mileage out of a sidekick storyline. They’ve already got the one character, Diggle, aiding Ollie in his vigilante quest. But Diggle isn’t suiting up in costume or firing bows and arrows. Roy Harper could join the crusade as well and be a real sidekick, trained in archery by Ollie. Like how he tried to do with Huntress in the past few episodes. I very much want this to happen. Don’t let me down, Arrow. Don’t break my heart.

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