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Let’s Take Another Look at Raya and the Last Dragon!

The next big Disney film to come to premium streaming on Disney+ is Raya and the Last Dragon. Will it be good? I don’t know. I still think it looks a little too ambitious in these trailers. But who am I to judge? What the heck do I even know? There’s a new trailer!

Hopefully it will be great. I definitely plan to pay for the premium movie premiere, so I hope it will be worth my money. I love dragons! I love good fights in movies! So I’m going to hope for the best!

Raya and the Last Dragon comes to Disney+ (and theaters, I guess) on March 5!


Raya and the Last Dragon Is Coming

Raya and the Last Dragon is the next big animated Disney movie and they put out a new trailer this week. And it’s…good? I want to say good. But something just feels…off to me. I think it’s the voice. Kelly Marie Tran voices Raya, but I think she was a second choice at some point. And I Just don’t think her voice syncs up perfectly… See for yourself.

The story also seems too ambitious. It seems a little too complicated.

But hey, maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. There exists the very real chance that I am entirely wrong with my gut reaction to this new trailer. I hope that is the case. I hope this is another banger.

Raya and the Last Dragon comes to theaters on March 5, along with premium access on Disney+.


Raya and the Last Dragon Looks a Little Basic

The next big animated Disney movie will be Raya and the Last Dragon, with the first trailer dropping yesterday. It looks pretty basic.

Doesn’t seem like much. Based on that trailer, it looks like there’s a character named Raya, and she’s going to search for the Last Dragon. That’s just the title. Throw in an adorable animal sidekick and you’ve got nothing else. But hey, new movies are always fun.

Raya and the Last Dragon comes out in March 2021…maybe.


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