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And the World Went Just a Little Bit More Mad With a Detective Pikachu Trailer

When I first heard they were making a movie called “Detective Pikachu”, I giggled at the Internet’s campaign to make Danny DeVito do the voice. That would have been hilarious.

Now that we have an actual first trailer, my mind is boggled for reasons I never expected.

A live action Pokemon movie?! With creepily realistically animated pokemon?! Like, the Pokemon universe created in live action? And the story they go with is Pikachu as some kind of snarky private investigator?! It’s madness!

Clearly we were always meant to take Detective Pikachu seriously.



Geekapella is a Thing I Just Learned About

And now you know of them too!

Thanks to Topless Robot for the find. I love it when geeks do something geeky, seemingly for the sole purpose of showing off their geekitude on the Internet. That’s probably what I love most about the Internet. Even moreso than the oodles of pornography.

The Magikarp Sea Shanty

Pokemon is a ripe topic for parody, and will so forever be. Which brings me to The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty by Random Encounters. It’s a catchy tune about a fisherman who just wants to capture a Pikachu. For those who don’t understand, Magikarp is a fish pokemon that basically just flops around and splashes in puddles. That’s the joke. But you’re not here for the comedy, you’re here for the shanties!

Someone Caught a Real Live Pikachu!

And by ‘someone’ I mean the VFX artists at Final Cut King. And by ‘caught’ I mean made a Youtube video. And by ‘real live Pikachu’ I mean a real live Pikachu! Oh my god, you guys, this is amazing! It’s also possibly the most adorable video clip you’ll see all day. Thanks to Topless Robot for the find.

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