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All-New X-Factor Revealed!

New York Comic-Con is in full swing today, and announced just this morning was All-New X-Factor by Peter David! We all knew this was coming, but it still feels good to get the first details of the new series – even if it won’t feature Multiple Man, my favorite superhero.

All-New X-Factor #1 will debut in January with Carmine Di Giandomenico on art.

Such fancy suits!

The new premise is that Serval Industries, a search engine company (like Google), has decided to get into the superhero business. So they bought the name ‘X-Factor’ off Jamie Madrox and have put together their own superhero team. The cast will feature Polaris, Quicksilver and, surprisingly, Gambit, along with three other cast members that PAD and Marvel are keeping secret for now.

At least they all get spiffy new uniforms. Though why Quicksilver or Gambit would join some corporate superhero team instead of sticking with the Avengers or X-Men is beyond me. But I’m sure all will be explained once we start reading.

I’m very excited to see what PAD has in store for us and X-Factor.

In the same Comic-Con panel, PAD said the book will focus a lot on the relationship between Polaris and Quicksilver, and the fact that they are half-siblings. PAD also said that Gambit doesn’t trust Quicksilver at all, so that should create some necessary drama. He also gave a more in-depth interview with Comic Book Resources.

When asked about Madrox, PAD apparently said he had “no idea” what’s up with him. X-Men editor Nick Lowe told the fans that there are plans for the character. I can’t wait to see those too! Perhaps he’s read my blog and seen some of my suggestions.

You can read more about the X-Men panel at Newsarama.

The First Hint of the New X-Factor

In the build-up to the New York Comic-Con in a few weeks, Marvel has started releasing some of their typical one-word teasers. You can see a few of them here. I don’t normally post these things, but included among them is the teaser for something ‘Corporate’ by Peter David. This is the first hint at Peter David’s next project since X-Factor was cancelled, and everyone around the Internet seems to think this is also the first hint of the new X-Factor.

We’re all business here

I am inclined to agree.

If you recall the end of X-Factor #260 – the Polaris issue – she was approached by a man named Harrison Snow, who said he was the CEO of a “rather large company”. He offered her the chance to get in on the ground floor of a new X-Factor. Polaris readily took him up on his offer. It’s clear from that scene that the next iteration of X-Factor is going to be corporate in nature.

So with this teaser, coupled with Peter David as the writer, coupled with hints that an X-Factor relaunch was going to be part of the next Marvel NOW! campaign, it might be safe to say we’ll finally get a glimpse of the new comic at New York Comic-Con on Oct. 11!

Too bad Multiple Man probably won’t be involved. But a new X-Factor by Peter David is a new X-Factor by Peter David!

Review: X-Factor #262

It is with a heavy but triumphant heart that I begin this review of the final issue of X-Factor. Though really, this is more than just a review, this is also a farewell, saying a final goodbye to my favorite comic book series of the past eight years, and goodbye to my favorite comic book character – Multiple Man – who is given a send-off in grand style by writer Peter David. Don’t worry, comic book friends, I will spoil that Jamie Madrox does not die at the end of his series. Nor does he go off into that sweet limbo stuck in demon form, as I had so feared. Instead, Peter David goes out with class, and sends Madrox off into the sunset. Fine show.

X-Factor #262

It’s my 30th birthday tomorrow, and I have yet to decide if the final issue of X-Factor coming out in the same week is simple coincidence or a harsh sign of growing up.

Comic Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

I have been luke warm about these final issues so far. Some of them were good, like Wolfbane’s, providing a solid, touching goodbye for the character. Others, like Polaris’ and Monet’s aren’t really endings at all. Some of them have explored the character’s time with X-Factor in meaningful ways. Others were just spontaneous adventures. In the end, I suppose I liked them all, the same way I’ve always liked X-Factor, even when it wasn’t very good. My favorite chapter of The End of X-Factor arc would have to be this issue, saying goodbye to Madrox and his wife Layla Miller. PAD ties up a few loose ends and teases his next upcoming project, but he doesn’t do anything too drastic or crazy. We don’t find out the secret of Multiple Man’s powers, nor does Layla ‘know’ one final, insane thing.

Instead, PAD spends some time with Layla and the Demon Madrox, putting their situation into perspective and finding a fun, clever way to resolve it. There was at least one surprise in this issue that I did not see coming, and it made me smile. As did the ending. I liked this issue for its heart and its love of character. This isn’t a big, raucous goodbye or a massive superhero fight to the death. Instead, it’s a quiet, classy bow out, and I definitely approve.

Join me after the jump for a full synopsis and a glorious goodbye to X-Factor.

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6 Places Multiple Man Could End Up

One of my all-time favorite comic books, X-Factor, is coming to an end in September after more than five years of quality comics. This makes me a very sad panda. The superhero star of X-Factor is Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, my most favorite comic book character of all-time. X-Factor was his first starring role. Before X-Factor, Multiple Man was lucky to play a bit part in random X-Men stories. X-Factor made him a star.

So what the heck is going to happen to Multiple Man now that it’s over?


I really want to know. He’s my favorite character, and I’m going to miss reading new Multiple Man comics every month. I’m confident that writer Peter David will give him a powerful farewell. But comic books abhor a vacuum. While one writer might send a character off into the sunset, another writer is going to come along and find a reason to bring that character back from the sunset. So whatever Peter David does with Multiple Man in X-Factor #262, I’m confident – and a little nervous – that Multiple Man will show up again before too long.

But where? And what will he be doing? Here are six possibilities.

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X-Factor Cancelled; Life As We Know It Is Over!

Why!? Oh why!? One of my favorite comic book series for the past nearly 10 years is coming to an end! Marvel Comics and writer Peter David announced the official cancellation of X-Factor today at the C2E2 comic book convention in Chicago!

I know the feel, bro

The final issue will be X-Factor #262 in September, so just in time for my birthday. Curse you, cruel hand of fate!

We’ve known for a long time now that the next story arc is going to be called ‘The End of X-Factor’, but I thought that was just a clever name for some kind of shake up, or something along those lines. I didn’t think it needed to be taken literally. I’m also holding out hope that X-Factor will merely be relaunched with a new #1 issue as part of Marvel NOW! Wave 2. But based on that interview I linked from Newsarama, this cancellation sounds pretty final.

Peter David had this to say:

“It was basically decided that the ‘Hell on Earth War’ was as major a storyline as we were going to do,” David said. “I’d been building toward it for so long that it simply seemed a logical culmination to the entire series. So we decided to wrap it up. It’s been going for 10 years, after all.”

For those who don’t know, X-Factor is a spin-off of the X-Men series of comics. But instead of starring more popular characters like Wolverine or Storm or Cyclops, X-Factor took some of the lesser known characters and gave them their own series, characters like Wolfsbane, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn and, my all-time favorite comic book character, Multiple Man! This was Multiple Man’s series. He was the star! For years, I had to satisfy myself with Multiple Man showing up in small cameos or guest appearances. But then in 2004, Peter David came along and wrote a brilliant mini-series about him called MadroX, and it was amazing! That mini-series was so successful that Marvel decided to give PAD a whole series about Multiple Man and his friends!

Some friendlier than others

So seriously, for the past nearly 10 years, I have been able to enjoy a great, well-written comic book series starring my all-time favorite character. I should and do consider myself very lucky for that.

But apparently the time has come for an ending.

PAD said the final story will be a bunch of short stories starring each of the characters, giving them proper send-offs, I guess. One issue will be about Polaris interacting with Quicksilver.

Because why not

And another issue will focus on the mysterious connection between Longshot and Shatterstar.

Because also why not

No word on how Multiple Man will be left after the series. PAD has always been hinting at having some kind of secret behind Multiple Man’s powers. Will he finally reveal that secret? Or will he just give Multiple Man a happy ending? I’m hoping for the latter.

In the interview, PAD also hints that he has a top secret Marvel project coming up. So I suppose there’s still a sliver of hope that this is all just a feint, and he will reveal a new version of X-Factor to come along, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

As it stands, all I can really do is thank writer Peter David and Marvel for giving this comic book geek an amazing 10 years. What more can a guy ask for? X-Factor has been brilliant from beginning to no doubt what will be a fantastic ending! So three cheers everybody!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


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