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Here’s a Fun Oscars Song!

Do you love The Lonely Island? I like’em just fine! And they’ve made an Oscars song that stars Thor and Wonder Woman! That’s pretty fancy and I’m glad we all get to enjoy it!

As for the Oscars themselves, I’m glad Shape of Water won. I think it was my favorite movie out of the nominees I saw, though I felt Get Out should have won, as it was the better movie. At the very least, I’m glad Phantom Thread didn’t win, because I didn’t see it, and I was convinced that they’d pick some artsy movie I didn’t see.


Henchie’s First Annual Oscar Assessment!

For the first time I can remember, I’ve actually seen most of the nominees for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I love movies, but I don’t give two squats about awards or award shows. But I am always slightly perturbed that when the Best Picture nominees are announced, it’s always a smattering of barely released indie films that the average movie-goer hasn’t seen! I may dislike award shows, but I want to have an opinion on movies, gosh darn it!

Well now my time has come! In 2017, I made a promise to myself to go see more movies in the theater, and I pulled it off with aplomb! The arrival of MoviePass by the end of the year helped a great deal, and I have now seen seven of the nine nominees for Best Picture!

Oscar Thing 02

This is them

I wanted to do this article last week when the nominees were announced, but The Shape of Water didn’t come to my local theater until Friday and I wanted to wait. I was really looking forward to that movie and my patience paid off!

Join me after the jump for my thoughts on most of the best picture nominees, plus some of the other categories.

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