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Here’s a Bunch of Netflix Movie Trailers

Look, I’m off from work today, slept in a little bit and am generally feeling kind of lazy. It’s super hot and humid here in the northeast and sometimes a fella’s just got to make a lazy blog post. So here’s a bunch of Netflix trailers I’ve been sitting on for a lazy day!

First up is a brand new film that I just heard about, which prompted this lazy post. It’s Over the Moon! An animated film set to release in the fall.

Next up is Old Guard starring Charlize Theron as an ancient comic book badass, along with her whole crew. It comes out on July 10. If Netflix is snatching up any comic book it can find in these pandemic times, I’ve got something they might be interested in!

Lastly is Warrior Nun, which is actually a series, not a movie. It’s based on a manga, so similar to a comic! This comes out on July 2, so not very far off at all.

All of these look pretty good. Especially what with this being the Year Without Movies!


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