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Iron Fist Punches, Kicks and Cements His Place in Our Anticipation Schedule!

Iron Fist was apparently the star of New York Comic-Con on Saturday, as Marvel trotted out a bunch of clips from the upcoming Netflix show and a brand new, bigger, better trailer!

I know I say this a lot, but it looks pretty great to me! I’ve been a fan of every Marvel Netflix show, and they’ve once again made a really great trailer. I suppose it’s not that hard to make a great trailer, especially for the people at Marvel. They’ve been on point in their trailer game for a long darn time.

But this Iron Fist trailer looks great! The fighting looks cool, and I like the thump, thump, thump of the hits. The mystery sounds nifty and, based on some of the clips that were shown off at Comic-Con, the show sounds like it’ll be another hit. Plus, that’s totally Madame Gao in that trailer. That’s gonna be sweet.

Though that dragon tattoo on his chest looks kind of dumb. Hopefully he gets his super suit before too long, and hopefully it’s based on the modern design.


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