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Live Action Mulan Should Be Sweet!

Mulan is probably my second favorite of the classic Disney animated movies, so I’m excited for the live action adaptation. There’s just something purely heroic about Mulan that I really enjoy. The first teaser trailer is here and it looks good!

It looks so good that I’m probably willing to ignore the fact that the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” probably won’t actually be sung. That’s fine. If they want to make a legit movie about the Mulan story instead of a direct live action adaptation that’s fine by me.

So far, the live action Disney movies are hit or miss for me. I never saw Cinderella. Beauty and the Beast was forgettable. Dumbo was terrible. Aladdin was fine. Huh, maybe they haven’t been hits at all for me…

Still, I’m excited for live action Mulan.


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