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The New Mulan Trailer Did Not Impress

The Super Bowl also saw a new trailer for the upcoming live action Mulan trailer. And while the previous trailer really touched me, the new trailer was less than impressive. The new trailer focuses too much on the generic action flick of it all.

I like the more dramatic stuff from Mulan. The generic action stuff isn’t as impressive or exciting. I mean, it’ll probably be fun and cool. But I want drama!

Mulan comes out on March 27!


I Got a Little Choked Up At This Mulan Trailer

The live action Mulan movie comes out next year and I’m really excited about this one. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney animated movies. And I like the idea that the new film won’t just be a direct adaptation from animation to live action. It looks like the new Mulan is going to be a retelling of the same story with a bit more realism. I dig it!

I got kinda choked up watching this trailer. Watching Mulan take her father’s place is just a powerful moment for me, apparently. So now I’m even more excited about this movie!

Mulan comes out on March 27.


Live Action Mulan Should Be Sweet!

Mulan is probably my second favorite of the classic Disney animated movies, so I’m excited for the live action adaptation. There’s just something purely heroic about Mulan that I really enjoy. The first teaser trailer is here and it looks good!

It looks so good that I’m probably willing to ignore the fact that the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” probably won’t actually be sung. That’s fine. If they want to make a legit movie about the Mulan story instead of a direct live action adaptation that’s fine by me.

So far, the live action Disney movies are hit or miss for me. I never saw Cinderella. Beauty and the Beast was forgettable. Dumbo was terrible. Aladdin was fine. Huh, maybe they haven’t been hits at all for me…

Still, I’m excited for live action Mulan.


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