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This New, 5-Minute Long Aquaman Trailer Has Won Me Over

I wasn’t too keen on that first Aquaman movie trailer. The jokes were iffy and the CGI looked way too heavy-handed. But now a massive, 5-minute-long look at the film has been released from NYCC, and I’m on board!

Damn, that was cool! I am most impressed with some of those shots! Like that extended bit of Mera running on the rooftops? And the way the camera flew between alleys and then over to Arthur several blocks away? That was damn cool! All credit to director James Wan, whose work I’ve not really seen.

And the humor was a bit better this time around. It still feels a little stiff, but I liked it nonetheless.

Consider me on board for finally being interested in the Aquaman movie! Which comes out towards the end of December!


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